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ZS Associates Interview Experience for Business Technology Solutions Associate (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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The interview was conducted in two phases:

  • First Phase: Platform – Talview
  • Second Phase: Interview – Monjin Platform


Round 1(Aptitude): This round consists of 45 questions (MCQs) to be completed in  40 minutes. Questions were related to:

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Verbal Ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • DBMS
  • Commercial Mathematics

Round 2 (PSDD  – Problem Solving Deep Dive): In this round, you are given a business scenario and based on that 10-15 MCQs will be asked. 

  • I was given a scenario where an ABC startup company is introducing its Protein product completely made from plants in the market. 
  • Questions that were asked were related to the demand segment, customers that this product can mostly attract (Answer is Vegan segment), its competitors in the market, and how can they grow with this approach. 
  • Time allotted was 30 minutes.

TIPS – Be calm and read the scenario properly. With good reading skills and a little chart and table analysis approach it is very easy to clear this round.

Round 3 (AI-based video interview): This will be a video interview round where you are supposed to record your answer for about 3 minutes each for 2 questions. The questions are scenario-based and there might be some guesstimates. I was given 2 questions viz.

  1. Find the number of street lights in your city (Guesstimate. Practice well before giving this interview).
  2. Any instance when you felt demotivated and how did you overcome that (your answer should have a positive approach).

Out of 300 eligible candidates 54 were shortlisted after phase 1.


Round 4 (Technical round): This round was mostly based on puzzles, SQL theory, and queries. It will be a maximum 30 minutes interviews (I was interviewed for only 17 minutes). Questions asked to me were:

  • Introduction
  • What is ZS
  • Why ZS
  • Difference between DBMS and RDBMS
  • Normalization
  • What is Index in SQL
  • Types of Index
  • What is View in SQL
  • 3-4 basic SQL queries
  • 2-3 SQL advanced queries (I was not able to solve 1 query)
  • 2-3 Number series and Find the odd one out
  • 1 numerical puzzle

TIPS – Brush up your SQL and OOP theory and practice basic and few advanced queries. 

After this round 35 students received mail for HR Round

Round 5 (Evidence-based interview EBI Fit + HR): This round will mostly have HR-related questions, few puzzles, and business scenarios. You will be interviewed for 45-60 minutes. Questions asked to me were:

  • Introduction
  • What is ZS
  • What is the role BTSA (Business Technology Solutions Associate)
  • Internship detailed discussion
  • What you learned from the Internship (NOTE: Explain the technical perspective you learned and answer with qualities like teamwork, constructive discussions, and coordination)
  • Puzzle – Cut a cake into 8 equal parts with three knives (NOTE: He asked me to find 2 ways to do this)
  • Business Scenario – To me, he gave a scenario that Uber is already operating in my densely populated city. Will it be beneficial for Ola to start its operations there and what challenges Ola will have to face if it decides to start its operations in my city. Answer this scenario with few assumptions related to – the population of the city, demand for cab in the city, market share of Uber, ways to kick start the operations of Ola, and the annual cost that will be incurred on them, will they be able to recover these expenses. NOTE: you can take any definite assumptions, they are only interested in your approach and intent. I was given 20 minutes to think about this question.
  • Lastly he asked me about an instance when I had conflicts with team members and what approach did I follow to solve this.

TIPS – Answer all the questions with confidence and for business scenario answer with assumptions, facts and figures and a good approach. They are not looking for good or correct assumptions. They are only looking for your approach and intent.

Finally 24 students were selected for BTSA role in ZS and I was one of them.

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