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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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Number of days – 2

Total number of students applied – 250

Round 1:

15 C Output and 10 Normal Aptitude.
10 C Output– 1 Marks
5 C Output– 2 Marks
10 Normal Aptitude — 1 Mark

28 sets in geeks for geeks is more than enough for getting through this in addition to basic general aptitude competence. MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE 28 SET. That’s all I did and I found the test very easy. Question were mostly pointers, arrays, loops and strings. No questions had any sort of compile errors and most likely answers will be a single number or a string or
a character.
General aptitude consisted of age problems, speed, ratios etc. Normal level of competence would be enough to get through this. POINT TO NOTE :– The 2 mark C questions attend them first and double check them they will save your life and don’t even skip one set from geeks for geeks they are very very good, can’t stress this enough.
About 56 students cleared round 1 and round 2 started soon the

same day.


6 Programming question

1. Adding 2 numbers

Given 2 huge numbers as separate digits, store them in array and process them and calculate the sum of 2 numbers and store the result in an array and print the sum.

Number of digits:12
9 2 8 1 3 5 6 7 3 1 1 6
Number of digits:9
7 8 4 6 2 1 9 9 7
Output :
9 2 8 9 2 0 2 9 5 1 1 3

2.Given sorted array check if two numbers sum in it is a given
Array = {1 3 4 8 10 } N = 7

3. Compiuting value of sin (x)
Input x = 30 n = 10
output = 0.5

Hint : The equation sin(x) = x – x^3 / 3! + x^5 / 5! – ….

4. Write function to find multiplication of 2 numbers using +
operator You must use minimum possible iterations.

Input: 3 , 4
Output 12

5. Given array find maximum sum of contiguous sub array
{-2 -3 4 -1 -2 1 5 -3}

output 7 elements [ 4 -1 -2 1 5]

6. Given unsorted array find all combination of the element for a given sum. Order should be maintained.

Input :
8 3 4 7 9 N=7
{3 4 } {7}

Solve all the previous questions asked
Solve extras on arrays
Solve extras on matrix
solve extras on strings
Learn all Datastructures available in What ever language you
are using.
For me it is java so COLLECTIONS… Know every inch of it too.
CPP guys … basic DS and functions in algorithm header.

I solved all the questions, you would clear the round if you
solve minimum of 5 questions if you are from computer science
branch. For other branches they are a bit more lenient. 3 or 4
is enough.

22 Students cleared round 2 and they were called for the next
round the next day

Round 3: 3Hr

Advanced programming.

You are given coordinates as input
(0 0 ) (0 1 ) ( 0 2) (0 3) (1 5) (1 4 ) (3 5 )

1. Check if the given points lie in the same line

2. GIven a point find the points on the largest line [in terms of the points it contain ] passing through that point

Input : 0 1
Output : (0 0 ) (0 1) (0 2 ) (0 3 )

3. Given 2 points find the points in between them.
Input (0 0) (0 3 )
Output : (0 1) (0 2 )

4. Find the number of points in the line with the largest number of points in it.

5. Given a point print all the lines passing through it [ie for each line print the points in it ]

PREPARATION :This round usually consist on making modules and oop stuffs. This was out of the blue. Previous problems, I just did Railway Reservation partially for this round.
If you have done some projects and is good with oop you will get through no need to practice specifically for this else brush up your OOP Designing skills and do some previous questions.

I solved all the problems. The invigilator will be around
checking your code all the time, SO NO SLOPPY CODING GUYS!! They need good code. Take a paper and figure out your aproch before solving each of them. And also check if you could use one problem to solve the other. Here The function written for Q2 can be used for Q5 with some modification if you’re out of time.

12 Students cleared round 3.

I was one of the top 3 students and was directly taken to HR


Round 4 Tech 1 : I was told they were asked basic questions on arrays, strings and matrix. If they find you are good enough they will send you to HR else there will be another tech round
for you with another person.This is the end of the line if you dont impress them here too.

Round 5 HR : Basic questions.

Note : Higher studies – say no
If you get another company will you come to ZOHO
We are gonna have oracle next week so some questions like will you be attending oracle

Finally 8 students got through 6 of them got higher package and 2 of them got lower package.
Thank you geeksforgeeks, you guys are the only source that i used to prepare for this test and no way would’ve cleared without the help from people who posted their experience. My results were announced 3 hours ago and here I am posting the questions. So whoever is prepping for ZOHO, know that previous questions are of absolute importance. Zoho is easy to crack with proper preparation for a 15 days or so. Persistence and consistence is the key here and a bit of luck.

Good Luck Guys!

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