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Zoho Interview Experience 2021-22

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My zoho Interview Experience:

Level 1: Only Pseudocodes and Flowchart(Without option);

Level 2: One to One Video conference Test(Basic Programming Test)(3 hrs)

For me they gave Totally 7 questions

  1. String palindrome.
  2. Find given coordinates are in straight line
  3. Finding shortest path in given 2d array
  4. Based On counting sort.(also they asked other sorting algorithm)
  5. Given N  number of servers when we press U the X number of random servers should be shut down and when we press D all the servers will be backs up.
  6. Finding Blood relation using Graphs.
  7. Based on BST concepts

Important Note:  They didn’t Expect the correct output. They will Check  How we approach these problems. I solved 5 problems in it. They will ask us to solve the same problem in a different approach. It will take some time to understand the question, don’t panic, just be calm. They won’t ask direct questions(like do string palindromes).Most of the time they will ask Indirect Questions(Ex. There are two boys one boy has one disability so he can’t read the words correctly.But sometimes Both the Boys will Read the words correctly) This is a string palindrome question.

Level 3: One to One Video conference Test(Advanced Programming Test)(3 hrs)

Only one questions  (railway management system). From level1 & level 2 they will analyze our technical skills. If we do well we will move on to the HR round.

Final Round: Some basic Questions like Self intro,why zoho,About my family etc….

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Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021
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