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Zeus Learning Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus) Aug-2022

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  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2022
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Hello Geeks, recently, Zeus Learning came to our college to recruit B.Tech undergrads for the Software Developer role. The interview process followed is as follows:

Round 1: The first round was an online test hosted on the Methyl platform.

  • It comprised around 25 Aptitude questions and 10 Coding questions( difficulty from easy to medium). 
  • The total time given was 3 hrs. I would suggest being good at calculation skills which can help you at solving maths questions faster.
  • Also, the 10 coding questions were like- Finding errors in the syntax of codes, completing some sorting function(eg, merge sort),pointer-based output questions, and then there were questions like finding if the linked list has a loop, finding if 2 rectangles intersect each other or not, etc. 
  • The difficulty was easy-medium.

Round 2: Technical Interview: I entered the meeting. I introduced myself and then they started asking me technical questions.

  • What linked list, Why do we use it?
  • Explain polymorphism, Method Overriding, Method Overloading, Pass by reference vs Pass by value,
  • Multiply 2 integers without using * operators. (they asked me to open code editor and code this).
  • Some Questions based on my project 
  • Some logical  question (Question: You have one Taraju and you have 8 items out of which 7 have the same weight and only one has less weight you have to find that item which has less weight in 2 iterations) 

Unfortunately, I was not selected but it was a good interview experience. Hope it helps.

Tips: Be calm & answer politely. You have to answer every question correctly, I was unable to answer the above logical question correctly and they discard me.

Results: All results announce within one week if you did not get any updates from Zeus then move on.

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