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Zepto Interview Experience for SDE-2 FTE

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Difficulty Level: (Easy-Medium)

Background:(Years of Experience: 2.5 Years)

  • There were 4 rounds – DSA, LLD, HM, and HR

Round 1: DSA

Easy to Medium level 2 coding questions were asked

Round 2: LLD

Design DB schema for Uber.

Round 3: HM

Few questions about Indexing in Relational Databases

Few questions about my past work experience and projects

Also few questions like tell me things that you liked the most and things that you hated the most at your current company.

Round 4: HR

Questions like Tell me why you want to join Zepto

  • Tell me a situation where you received a critical feedback
  • Tell me a situation where you managed a conflict with your manager or seniors
  • Tell me about your past achievements

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2023
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