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Yii vs Laravel

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  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2022
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Building a web application is a complex and tedious process if code is written manually on an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), so to ease developer’s work, frameworks were launched with pre-built reusable components for quicker development. Now many frameworks are available from free to paid which creates confusion in choosing them so we will compare two commonly used PHP frameworks which are Laravel and Yii.

What is Yii Framework?

Yii is a cross-platform web framework of PHP. It is an object-oriented framework developed by Qiang Xue in 2008. It is covered under the terms of the BDS license. Due to its open-source nature, its source code is easily available and can be easily customized according to the user’s preference. 

Advantages of Yii

  • It provides good security features.
  • It has a community forum for discussing problems.
  • It has an efficient logging system for creating logs of system upgradation, failure report, etc.
  • It allows support for third-party plugins.

Disadvantages of Yii

  • It lacks AR query support.
  • It does not support multiple relations built up.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, MIT-licensed PHP web framework. Taylor Otwell developed Laravel in 2011 using PHP language and launched it as free software. It is one of the most popular frameworks which utilizes MVC architecture for expressive and elegant syntax. It implements user authorization in an easy manner and provides enhanced security features.

Advantages of Laravel

  • It comes with an in-built Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework.
  • It has easy data migration features.
  • It has built-in the access control system which makes it highly secure.
  • Pre-programmed components make it easy to code.

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • Laravel developers are more costly as compared to other developers.
  • Upgrading from one version to another is problematic.

Below is a table of differentiation between Yii and Laravel:




Definition Yii is an object-oriented, MVC-based open source framework of PHP that is used in making different applications. Laravel is an open-source framework that is used in making simple PHP applications.
Client-side Validation It provides client-side validation support by default. It does not have inbuilt client-side validation support.
Migrations Migration is easy as it requires only migration class. Migration is complex and requires data-filling tools along with migration class.
Template system It uses a Default template system. It uses a powerful Blade template system.
Performance It is faster than Laravel. It is slower as compared to Yii.
Developer(s) It was developed by Qiang Xue. It was developed by Taylor Otwell.
Learning It is comparatively difficult to learn. It is easier to learn.
Caching It uses APC, Memcached, WinCache, and XCache for caching. It uses APC and Memcached for caching.


On comparing Laravel and Yii it is found that Laravel is a more popular and widely used framework due to its advanced features and community support. On the other hand, Yii is also popular due to its better performance and a strong template system but it is a bit difficult to learn.

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