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Writing to Excel Sheet Using EPPlus in C#

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  • Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2020
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EPPlus is a very helpful open-source 3rd party DLL for writing data to excel. EPPlus supports multiple properties of spreadsheets like cell ranges, cell styling, charts, pictures, shapes, comments, tables, protection, encryption, pivot tables, data validation, conditional formatting, formula calculation, etc.

First of all install EPPlus using Packet Manager console by writing the following command:

Install-Package EPPlus 

Let’s see how to create and write to an excel-sheet using C#.

using System;
using System.IO;
// The following to two namespace contains
// the functions for manipulating the
// Excel file 
using OfficeOpenXml;
using OfficeOpenXml.Style;
class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var Articles = new[]
                new {
                    Id = "101", Name = "C++"
                new {
                    Id = "102", Name = "Python"
                new {
                    Id = "103", Name = "Java Script"
                new {
                    Id = "104", Name = "GO"
                new {
                    Id = "105", Name = "Java"
                new {
                    Id = "106", Name = "C#"
        // Creating an instance
        // of ExcelPackage
        ExcelPackage excel = new ExcelPackage();
        // name of the sheet
        var workSheet = excel.Workbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet1");
        // setting the properties
        // of the work sheet 
        workSheet.TabColor = System.Drawing.Color.Black;
        workSheet.DefaultRowHeight = 12;
        // Setting the properties
        // of the first row
        workSheet.Row(1).Height = 20;
        workSheet.Row(1).Style.HorizontalAlignment = ExcelHorizontalAlignment.Center;
        workSheet.Row(1).Style.Font.Bold = true;
        // Header of the Excel sheet
        workSheet.Cells[1, 1].Value = "S.No";
        workSheet.Cells[1, 2].Value = "Id";
        workSheet.Cells[1, 3].Value = "Name";
        // Inserting the article data into excel
        // sheet by using the for each loop
        // As we have values to the first row 
        // we will start with second row
        int recordIndex = 2;
        foreach (var article in Articles)
            workSheet.Cells[recordIndex, 1].Value = (recordIndex - 1).ToString();
            workSheet.Cells[recordIndex, 2].Value = article.Id;
            workSheet.Cells[recordIndex, 3].Value = article.Name;
        // By default, the column width is not 
        // set to auto fit for the content
        // of the range, so we are using
        // AutoFit() method here. 
        // file name with .xlsx extension 
        string p_strPath = "H:\\geeksforgeeks.xlsx";
        if (File.Exists(p_strPath))
        // Create excel file on physical disk 
        FileStream objFileStrm = File.Create(p_strPath);
        // Write content to excel file 
        File.WriteAllBytes(p_strPath, excel.GetAsByteArray());
        //Close Excel package


Writing in Excel File

In this program, we are taking static values for the Articles data but in real-time, we can use database call and foreach loop for iteration of each record.

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