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Wipro Interview Experience 2022

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Hi Engineers ,Today i gonna share my interview experience at Wipro. Am glad that I got an opportunity to share it with you all. As per my Experience, Wipro Recruitment process has 3 stages

First one is Written Test then one Technical Interview Round end up with one hr round. I would like to share a few details about the recruitment process about what I went through :

I have registered my self in the portal called superset .In which various companies conducts virtual hiring . I have also applied for the “Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt-2020” through superset portal.

Written test: The first phase contains aptitude question so prepare your aptitude well followed by coding and essay writing ,total duration of the test will be approx 2 hrs. After giving the the paper in approximately in a week all selected students got the mail . I was feeling excited at that time. 

Technical Interview Round: In the mail it was mentioned that my Interview Round is scheduled for 10 O clock in the morning. As in my case every thing was virtual so i kept all the document at the side of my desk and start revising the my technical stuff and common interview questions. Now the time come i joined the meeting .The discussion went as follows

  • Interviewer: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
  • Me: Sure. My name is Mukul Gupta, and I’m a recent graduate from AKTU University. I have a degree in Information Technology, and I’m looking to start my career in the tech industry.
  • Interviewer: That’s great. What experience do you have in the tech industry?
  • Me: I have a few internships under my belt, and I’ve been working on a few projects in my free time. I’m also familiar with a few programming languages, such as Java and Python.
  • Interviewer: Then Interviewer asked me some technical questions and some questions from the core subjects. Question were like What do you know about arrays? Why vector is introduced ? What is the role of joins in dbms etc.
  • Me: Answered all the questions confidently
  • Gave one  coding question In which i have to remove the duplicate number
  • Interviewer: Solve this question
  • Me: I have solved it too.
  • Interviewer: Okay Mukul your interview is over. You can leave.
  • Me: Thank you, sir!

I  waited for 2 hours, and I was able to make it to the next round and I felt really happy and nervous and that job was really important to me as I have no offers till then and faced many rejections.

Here comes the HR round !!

HR Round: This round was simple for me as in this round most commonly asked questions were there Question were like Why you want to join wipro ? Have you  worked in a team etc

Finally all round ends . After a few days, I was just refreshing my mail and suddenly saw a letter of intent from Wipro!!  I felt really very happy.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2022
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