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Why TypeScript is better than JavaScript ?

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The Typescript programming language was developed by the company Microsoft Inc. It is used to develop JavaScript applications with the help of the web frameworks like Node.js and Express.js framework. It is very easy to implement as compared to the programming language JavaScript. The TypeScript language is based on the JavaScript programming language. It allows the users to customize and declare the variables in the Typescript according to the user’s needs and then write the program in that language. There is no pre-defined set of language for the Typescript as it will change from user to user, unlike JavaScript. 

JavaScript is one of the most user-friendly and evergreen scripting languages in the world. JavaScript allows users to access a wide variety of web applications and programs. It is the most popular name among the developers for designing the front-end and the back-end of the web applications on the Internet. JavaScript is a dynamically typed programming language by the user, which increases the chances of its runtime errors during execution. It is used in collaboration with other programming languages like Node.js and Express.js web backend services to make use of its programming skills. JavaScript is the most easiest and user-friendly programming language to learn by the users as its syntax is very simple and clean looking.

Why TypeScript is Better than JavaScript?

Runtime Errors: The Typescript removes all the errors and bugs in the code while executing the program in the run-time because it is based on JavaScript. So, it has the ability to debug the code itself and report it to the user on the compiler. The Typescript language is the most advanced level of a programming language as it comes with a well-defined set of program documentation instructions for a wide variety of users. The users have the ability and choice to declare their functions, data types, and variables in Typescript to execute their programs. So, this leads to the generation of very less amount of bugs and errors in the code which get resolved very easily.

JavaScript is a type of dynamically typed language in which the bugs are very less produced in the runtime error of the execution of the program. Similarly, the Typescript is based on the JavaScript Language which makes it harder to identify the bugs as compared to other programming languages like C++ or Python.

Related to JavaScript: The Typescript makes use of the JavaScript language which means that the Typescript has the ability to support the Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS) concept in its source code just like the JavaScript. It has the capacity to store different classes, objects, interfaces, and more public and private variables using the OOPS concept.

But in the Typescript programming language, there are some disadvantages as compared to the JavaScript language as well. It is very frustrating to learn all the keywords, objects, and classes with functions while using the Typescript language as it does not comes pre-defined and the user has to perform all the declaration of the variables and the functions. Typescript is just a subset of the JavaScript programming language so, it helps a lot in web development using the Node.js framework on the server-side of the backend services.

Speed & Scalability: The Typescript is more efficient and speedy compared to JavaScript. JavaScript though it is very popular and is the slowest language that takes a lot of time to the execution the commands. Instead, the Typescript is much faster and more efficient as compared to JavaScript both in terms of speed of execution and the scaling of devices as well.

Bitwise Operators and Operands: JavaScript has the capacity to store floating-point numbers of 64 bits and the operator input data for 32 bits. So, we can say that the JavaScript programming language takes the signed input data integer of 32 bits, and then it applies the 64-bit operations on it to execute any program based on integers. So, it takes a huge amount of time to conversion of 32-bit signed integers to 64-bit integers in JavaScript and it costs a lot of time and space complexity to the JavaScript which doesn’t happen in the Typescript.

Example:  Now let’s understand the example using javascript.


// Simple javascript code
let person = {
    fName: "Mukul",
    lName: "Latiyan",
    Hello: function() { } // Type template
person.Hello = function() {
    console.log("Hello " + person.fName)


Hello Mukul

Now let’s see the same example using typescript.



// Typescript object example
var person = {
    fname: "Mukul",
    lname: "Latiyan"
var hello = function(obj: { 
    fname: string, 
    lname: string 
}) {
    console.log("first name :"+obj.fname)
    console.log("last name :"+obj.lname)


first name: Mukul
last name: Latiyan

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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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