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Why are South West monsoons less rainy in Chennai?

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A storm is an occasional shift in the course of the predominant, or most grounded, winds of a district. Rainstorm cause wet and dry seasons all through a large part of the jungles. Rainstorm are most frequently connected with the Indian Ocean. 

The Southwest Monsoon is the blustery season that endures from June to September. The Southwest Monsoon is the Indian subcontinent’s essential blustery season. The southwest storm holds over the country throughout the mid year rainstorm season. During this time, the nation gets almost 75% of its yearly precipitation. Southwest rainstorm sets in over the super southwestern tip of the promontory toward the finish of May. The beginning of Monsoon is portrayed by an unexpected spray of precipitation action. It advances inland in stages and covers the whole country by the center of July.

It begins recovering from the northwest by the start of September, dynamically retreating southwards. Tamil Nadu is considered as a downpour shadow district as it lies on the eastern (leeward side) side of western ghats. The all out yearly precipitation is greatest over the southernmost piece of the state.

South west monsoons less rainy in Chennai

During the South-West Monsoon, Tamil Nadu stays dry since it is situated in a downpour shadow region. Tamil Nadu has come down during the storm season because of the southwest exchange winds which blow towards the northern half of the globe. 

Chennai gets downpour from upper east storms during October-November which isn’t major areas of strength for extremely gives less downpour though Thiruvananthapuram Kerala gets exceptionally weighty downpour from southwest rainstorm which are considerably more impressive. It likewise gets some downpour from the withdrawing Monsoon. 

Important points

  • Chennai is situated on the Coromandel coast. It lies in the downpour shadow area of the Arabian Sea part of S.W. storms. It first strikes the
    western waterfront locale and is nearly depleted when it comes to Chennai.
  • The Bay of Bengal branch runs almost lined up with the coromandel coast. Thus, it likewise neglects to give downpours to Chennai.
  • Besides, seaward dry breezes blow over this locale in the summers.

Sample Questions

Question 1: What is the impact of South-West monsoon in India?


The impact of South-West monsoon is humid climate and torrential rainfall to India and southeast Asia.

Question 2:  Why farmers welcome the south-west monsoon?


Most of the Indian agricultural land is irrigated by the monsoon. Crops such as rice, wheat, pulses need heavy rains to grow.

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Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2022
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