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When do we need Interfaces in PHP?

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  • Last Updated : 31 May, 2022

Interface are definitions of the public APIs that classes (implementing an interface) must implement. It is also known as contracts as an interface allows to specify a list of methods that a class must implement. Interface definition is similar to the class definition, just by changing the keyword class to interface.


interface man {
   // List of public methods

Interfaces can contain methods and/or constants, but no attributes. Interface constants have the same restrictions as class constants. Interface methods are implicitly abstract.


interface IMyInterface {
    const INTERFACE_CONST_1 = 1;
    const INTERFACE_CONST_2 = 'a string';
    public function method_1();
    public function method_2();

Any class that needs to implement an interface must do using the implements keyword. A single class can implement more than one interface at a time.


// Function to Implements more than one
// interface by single class.
class MyClass implements IMyInterface {
    public function method_1() {
        // method_1  implementation
    public function method_2() {
        // method_2 implementation

Interesting Points : 

  • A class cannot implement two interfaces that has the a same method name because it would end up with the method ambiguity.
  • Like classes, it is possible to establish an inheritance relationship between interfaces by using the same keyword “extends”. 


interface Foo {
interface Bar {
interface Bass extends Foo, Bar {

Below is a complete example that shows how interfaces work. 


// PHP program to Implement interface.
// Define a new Interface for all 'shapes'
// to inherit
interface Shape {
    // Define the methods required for
    // classes to implement
    public function getColor();
    public function setColor($color);   
    // Interfaces can't define common
    // functions so we'll just define a
    // method for all implementations to
    // define
    public function describe();
// Define a new 'Triangle' class that
// inherits from the 'Shape' interface
class Triangle implements Shape {
    private $color = null;
    // Define the required methods defined
    // in the abstractclass 'Shape'
    public function getColor() {
        return $this->color;
    public function setColor($color) {
        $this->color = $color;
    public function describe() {
        return sprintf("GeeksforGeeks %s %s\n",
            $this->getColor(), get_class($this));
$triangle = new Triangle();
// Set the color
// Print out the value of the describe common
// method provided by the abstract class will
// print out "I am an Orange Triangle"
print $triangle->describe();


GeeksforGeeks green Triangle

Importance of using Interfaces: 

  • Interface provide a flexible base/root structure that you don’t get with classes.
  • By implementing interface the caller of the object need to care only about the object’s interface not implementations of the object’s methods.
  • Interface allows unrelated classes to implement the same set of methods regardless of their positions in the class inheritance hierarchy.
  • Interface enables you to model multiple inheritance.


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