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What’s difference between Linux and Android ?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2022
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Many folks consider both of these as operating systems. Linux OS is for Desktops & Servers while Android OS is for Mobiles. Is that completely correct?

Linux OS, precisely speaking Linux kernel is the most popular OS while Android is a framework built on top of the Linux kernel. So every Android device is running the Linux kernel as well but every Linux device doesn’t have Android. We can think of the Linux kernel as the foundation on which Android is built. Also, Android isn’t limited to Mobiles only. Android runs on other devices such as TV, Camera, Watch, and even Cars!

Let us see more differences are as follows:



Linux was built by Linus Torvalds Android uses Java. It executed on virtual machines
It is a derived version of Unix. It executed on virtual machines
It is Open-source which means anyone can use it for free. It is a mobile development open platform
It is a stable OS In android, Linux2.6 is used to power its system
It provides trade services and database support It involves a UI framework.
Kernel used in Linux is Monolithic. Its kernel type is Linux-based.
It is designed for PC of all companies. It is specifically designed for mobile devices.
It is mostly used for hacking purpose-based task It is used in mobile devices for all simple task
Example: Linux 5.7 Example: Android 10
It has the preferred license of GNU GPLv2 (kernel). It has the preferred license of Apache2.0 and GNU  GPLv2.
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