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What Signals are Transferred in GPRS?

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  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2021
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General Packet Radio Service(GPRS) is the packet and data transfer service designed to replace circuit-switched services available on a 2G global system for mobile communication. GPRS allows the continuous connections of the Internet to mobile phones and handheld devices. It is based on the GSM services that use existing services such as the SMS and circuit-switched phone networks and connections.




  • Data rates range is from 56 kbps to a maximum of 114 kbps.
  • SMS message services.
  • Internet access with always-on features.
  • MMS messaging.
  • Use of instant messaging on handheld devices.
  • Point to point / multipoint services.
  • Need of secure transfer of data packets.
  • The increased demand for the high data rate.
  • Requirement of QoS based subscription

For example, Let’s discuss how the location of the mobile is tracked in the GPRS network?

Consider Cell phone tracking, which is a process of recognizing the location of a cell phone, regardless of where the mobile phone is present ( fixed or moving).  

  • Limitations may be affected by various innovations, like utilizing multilateration(hyperbolic positioning, or process of locating an object accurately) of radio signals between cell towers of the organization and the telephone, or basically utilizing GPS.
  • For finding a cell phone utilizing multilateration of versatile radio signs, it should produce in any event the inactive sign to contact close-by receiving wire towers, yet the interaction doesn’t need a functioning call.
  • The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) depends on the mobile phone’s sign solidarity to close antenna masts.
  • Portable situating might be utilized for location-based administrations that uncover the real organization of a cell phone. Telecom organizations utilize this to rough the area of a cell phone, and subsequently likewise its client.

Type of signals transferred in GPRS

  • Generally, the GPRS uses 2.5 generations of GSM signals.
  • The radio interface of GSM and GPRS are the same.
  • GPRS uses GMSK modulation and 900 / 1800 Mhz, frequency band.
  • Separate hardware and ports are required.

Applications of GPRS:

  • Vehicle positioning
  • Home automation
  • Web browsing
  • Remote LAN access
  • Document sharing.


  • GPRS provides high-speed data service to subscribers.
  • By applying GPRS more information can be exchanged from and to the mobile over the internet.
  • For subscribers, the billing is based on the quality of service and volume of data transferred not based on connection time like GSM.
  • It attracts more customers.
  • The cost of deployment is low when compared to GSM
  • Because of high efficiency, it reduces the misuse of resources.


  • In reality, speed is a bit low.
  • The mobile station that uses the GPRS now, cannot receive direct GPRS call.
  • Operators may decide to charge based on time rather than volume
  • Limited cell capacity for all users.
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