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What is the difference between ISP and OSP?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2022
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ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It provides connectivity to the internet. It serves as an access point or gateway that provides to users access everything available in the internet connectivity. Example – Google, Airtel.

There are various classifications of ISP:

  • Access providers
  • Mailbox providers
  • Hosting ISPs
  • Transit ISPs
  • Virtual ISPs
  • Free ISPs
  • Wireless ISPs etc,

OSP stands for Online Service Provider. It provides more than just internet services means online services when connected to the internet. It provides extensively unique web services. OSP services need specialised software or browser to provide services to users. Example- Email service provider, Advertising services.


Difference between ISP and OSP



ISP stands for inside plant OSP stands for outside plant
ISP sells access to the internet services means data connectivity to the users. OSP sells online services via the internet to the desired users.
It provides an internet connection when hiring ISP services. It provides online service when already connected.
It gives speed facility according to customer need. It is rare to give internet speed choice.
Lack of services  Provide many services and facilities.
ISP is secure OSP may or may not be secure.
Prices most of the time are high Prices are cheaper
ISP does not use proprietary software OSP use proprietary software.
No guided tour approach to the internet Guided tour approach to the internet
Example: BSNL, MTNL, Google, AT & T, Verizon etc Example: AOL, Google and yahoo provide online searching services, Amazon and Flipkart provide shopping services etc.
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