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What is GitHub Star Program?

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  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2022
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GitHub supports open-source developers and contributors in building an open-source community and providing free education for everyone. There are more than 73 million developers who rely on GitHub and the number is expected to increase to 10 million by 2025. GitHub organizes different programs to make future leaders and community builders. With all these, you should also know about the GitHub Star Program which is one of the most precious programs organized by GitHub to support open source contributors. GitHub is the biggest home for open-source contributors to work together, collaborate, to networking and so many other skills to level up and learn. What is GitHub Star Program?

Github Star Program

The number of contributors and developers build software application together and solves real-life problems but beyond contributions, few developers are building communities for developers not only to build communities and maintain projects but they educate and help others too. Let’s dive deep into the GitHub star program and understand its benefits and how to become one. 

What is GitHub Stars Program?

The developers who believe in giving back to the community and helping others to get into the tech and contributing more than maintaining projects are nominated for the Github Star program. The GitHub star program helps these developers to reach more and more people and to build scalable communities for everyone. GitHub is having largest developers community around the world and out of millions of developers few contribute more to the community. 

The GitHub Star program enables different benefits for these stars to support more and help them in their vision. The goal of the GitHub Star program is to recognize and lift up the people who inspire and educate communities. The GitHub Star program supports all the people who educate and inspires others via podcast, blog, and videos and influence them to solve issues and share their insightful knowledge without expecting anything. 

How to Become Github Star?

The GitHub Star program is not a competition to activate that star tag, the process is about sharing knowledge with others, inspiring, educating, and helping others to become developers or contributors. You have to make efforts to build communities and people will recognize you, and your contribution, and nominate you to the GitHub Star program. The GitHub star program is the largest GitHub program and happens from all around the world’s developers and community builders. Developers build community, educate, and share knowledge with others, and people nominate them for the work they do and the way they inspire others to learn and grow.

  1. Start sharing knowledge with others
  2. Build communities
  3. Help other developers to learn and grow
  4. Star contributing with blogs, podcasts, projects
  5. Start educating others
  6. Start building and collaborating with other developers.

Program Flow

Step 1: Navigate to the GitHub Star program website.

GitHub Stars Program Website

Github Star Program

Step 2: Nominate your Github Star. 

Nominate a Star

Nominate Github Star

Benefits and Perks of Github Star

The GitHub Star program supports you to reach out to more people and grow your communities as well as provides different perks and benefits. GitHub products are very beneficial for developers and Github Star gets early access to all GitHub products such as GitHub copilot. GitHub brings exclusive rewards for Github Stars to support their fantastic community work and continue to educate others.

  1. Early feature access 
  2. Collaborations with official GitHub teams
  3. Invitations for talks at Github programs and events  
  4. GitHub Swags
  5. Featured profile
  6. Community Supports

and huge networking with other developers. The GitHub Star program is for inspiring community leaders and builders. 

Wrap Up

The GitHub Star program is not a competition, its work, and contribution that people are doing to communities. The community leaders and builders definitely get benefit from this program and people will definitely recognize work and nominate them. if you know about the community leaders who inspire you to learn and grow and are doing great work then nominate them for the GitHub Start program by visiting its official website.

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