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What is Communication Service Provider (CSP)?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2021
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CSP refers to the communication service providers. They provide us services in different means or in different fields of communication media. Communication service provider (CSP) is actually a generic term or is a category of service providers. As a communication service provider, lots of companies provide different services for different purposes.

For example, ISP (Internet Service Provider) comes in the category of the communication service provider (CSP), their work is to provide service of internet data among people. ISP (Internet Service Provider) only provides internet data to the people also there are many companies across the world that are providing services to the people for better communication among people among countries.

Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP) also comes under communication service provider (CSP). Their work is to provide landline connections or wireless connections, cable operators (companies), satellite transmission they all are known as Communication Service Provider.

Nowadays, some mobile companies are also working as communication service providers.

Types of Communication Service Provider

There are many types of service providers, all the different service providers are listed below:

  • Telecommunication services provide: These are the service providers who are responsible for landline or wireless connections. this type of provider are having its different branches like cable providers, satellite transmission is included in this category of service providers. Also, mobile companies that provide devices to users and also internet service provider(ISP) comes to TSP.
  • Entertainment service providers: These providers helps in TV transmissions like the different niches of channels which are running on the tv or theaters comes to the category of entertainment service provider music industries and video games industry also comes to this category. 
    For example– motion pictures, theaters.
  • Media/web services: These providers provide services related to the web shows, media, series, movies on the internet over a web platform, known as media or web services. 
    For example- Amazon prime video services, Netflix, etc. 

Advantages of Communication Service Provider (CSP)

  • Communication Service Providers play a vital role in communication across the world.
  • They do mass production through which a large number of people connect with each other.
  • CSP provides that today users can interact with the world.
  • They made people’s life easier in terms of communication because now people can connect with anyone anywhere in the world.
  • CSP contributes to the world economy, last year their market cap was about 1.4 trillion dollars.

Disadvantages of Communication Service Provider(CSP)

  • Companies collect user data and sell it to others.
  • There can be fraud in the means of providing services.
  • The user has no control over providers.
  • Some services cost too much that can not be afforded.
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