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What is Amazon Connect?

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Pre-requisite: AWS

Using the AWS cloud service Amazon Connect, we can easily set up a contact center with only a few clicks. The number of agents may be altered at any time to suit the situation’s needs thanks to its excellent scalability. It enables customer service representatives to interact with customers similarly using an on-site contact center setup.

Let’s look at a couple of configuration concepts for AWS Connect

  1. Telephone: Amazon Connect offers a number of call-making and call-receiving alternatives. It manages the technical setup required to keep the phone services running.
  2. Chat: Amazon Connect also provides chat support options. Customers may communicate with contact center representatives or staff using any device. It allows continuing a chat conversation on a different device or starting up where you left off.
  3. Tasks: Amazon Connect Tasks are used to control the flow as well as to distribute calls, set priorities, and keep an eye on issues. These activities can be automated using other AWS tools and services.
  4. Routing Profile:  A routing profile, which serves as a template of rules, decides which contacts an agent will receive. It is also used to determine the routing priority. Each agent receives a Routing Profile. Multiple agents can utilize the same routing profile.
  5. Queues: Standard and Agent: Calls from clients are first placed in the standard queue before being routed to an agent. When a new agent joins the contact center, the agent queue is automatically updated.
  6. Queues: weight and duration Important Delay and Priority are features of Amazon Connect. They aid in load balancing the contact center by allocating the incoming traffic across the groups of agents based on priority.
  7. Channels and Concurrency: An agent is in charge of overseeing tasks, calls, and discussions. An agent will not, however, be assigned any other assignments, chats, or calls until he has finished the one he is now on. In a separate situation, an agent may accept a discussion and subsequently receive 10 further conversations, but no assignments or phone calls.
  8. Flows: Flow is in charge of determining the customer experience right from the start of the contact support provided.

How does Amazon Connect Work?

The cloud telephony and contact center service AWS Connect commonly referred to as Amazon Connect, is provided by Amazon Web Services. Businesses construct call flows, rent phone lines, and establish users while also setting up their own instances of Amazon Connect. Users or call center representatives can log in to Amazon Connect via a web browser, a desktop client app, or a mobile clients app like Comstice Softphone or Comstice Mobile Connect.

Customers dial the numbers, and Amazon Connect call flow routes the call to the appropriate group, chooses an agent from the pool of candidates, and transfers the call to her desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It is possible to report and record every action. The Amazon Connect instance helps us in our efforts to deliver the best customer service by providing a range of options to build it. All of these services can be found in the cloud.

The steps involved in setting up Amazon Connect can be broken down as shown below:

  1. Log in: Sign in using your account to the Amazon Connect Console.
  2. Create an instance: This is where all data for the contact centre will be kept.
  3. Configure phone numbers: In order to use voice-supported centres, you must claim a phone number. Either use your own phone number or get one from AWS.
  4. Specify the route: The right operation queues should be located. Declare whether agents must create routing profiles using voice, chat, or tasks.
  5. Establish contact flows: This will define the complete customer experience journey from start to finish. Remember that a single contact flow may be utilised for voice, chat, and tasks.
  6. Create Profiles: Create profiles for agents and supervisors here, and assign them routing and security profiles.

In summary, First, the service center number must be requested. Before setting up the routing profiles, we need to construct queues for consumers with varied difficulties. The aid services’ operating hours might be extended. After that, we may design a contact flow that clients can use. These interaction patterns may be used with both voice and chat channels. We can also incorporate a chatbot using Amazon Lex to enhance customer care.

Features of Amazon Connect

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center 

  • Amazon Connect is an AWS cloud-based omnichannel contact center. 
  • A variety of channels, including phone, SMS, and email, may be used to contact customers in order to reduce their effort and provide consistent, seamless cross-channel experiences for both live and automated engagements.

Agent Experience

  • The agents and functionalities are connected by Amazon into a single, user-friendly experience. 
  • Time is saved, and production is increased, which benefits agents. 

Administration of Tasks

  • Amazon Connect helps to greatly increase customer satisfaction by addressing the queries and wants of consumers. 
  • It is easier to organize agent tasks, including some work done after the chat, to guarantee that any following client issues are promptly handled. 

Integration and Automated Systems

  • Amazon Connect integrates with a number of businesses and technology partners who offer automation. 
  • It is simple to integrate the Amazon Lex chatbot, for instance. A lot of services use Amazon Connect, including Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. 

Advantages of Amazon Connect

Listed below are the advantages of using Amazon Connect rather than the traditional method.

  • We can start working right away because no hardware installation is required. You can quickly get what you desire with only a few clicks. 
  • Amazon Connect provides a practical way. You can start out with a price of 0%. There are certain limitations on how you may use the free tier of AWS Connect services, though. 
  • The time and labor required to develop a chatbox from scratch are reduced by the built-in chatbots.
  • Scaling Amazon Connect is a matter of seconds. Additional virtual infrastructures can be added at any time. 
  • Numerous helpful features are available, and connecting to other AWS services is straightforward. 
  • Built-in analytics tools may be used to better understand the experiences of both customers and agents. 
  • Most operations are automated via AWS Connect, which reduces labor costs.

Use Cases of Amazon Connect

  • Team Management: AWS Connect offers capabilities for team collaboration. Additionally, it has integration possibilities with AI-based software that may be used to provide reports on the study of customer conversations.
  • Boost Client Loyalty: Customers have access to self-service features like chatbots. Both productivity and consumer loyalty are boosted as a result. Small problems may usually be resolved by the client independently. The agents can focus on trickier problems in the interim.
  • Improving Agent Experience: Agents have access to a variety of tools via Amazon Connect. They may use these tools to provide unique and valuable solutions. The Customer Satisfaction Rate therefore rises.
  • Customized Solutions: Using lambda functions integration, clients may receive a more tailored experience. By examining their data, it is possible to lead customers to the proper lines, giving them a more personalized experience.
  • Path Automation: Using data analysis reports, you may build a contact flow that handles user questions automatically. Using this helps in conserving resources and time.


Using Amazon Connect, you may set up your contact center on the cloud. It comes with all the best features at a very affordable price. AWS link that is very scalable. If there is an increase in users or agents, it may be updated without the need to install new infrastructure devices. Users may view information regarding customer experiences on the Amazon Connect dashboard thanks to its openness. You may rapidly start utilizing Amazon Connect by choosing a few of the choices under the “free tier.” AWS Connect is the best tool for building cloud data centers because of the security, reliability, and availability it provides.

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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