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What does the “+” (plus sign) CSS selector mean?

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  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018
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The “+” sign selector is used to select the elements that are placed immediately after the specified element but not inside the particular elements.

Note: The IE8 and earlier versions </DOCTYPE> must be declared to work element + element selector.


element + element {
    // CSS property


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>+ sign selector</title>
            h2 + div {
                background-color: yellow;
            h1 {
            body {
        <h2>+ sign Selector</h2>
        <div>A computer science portal for geeks</div>


Supported Browsers: The browser supported by “+” selector are listed below:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 7.0
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