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What are the Public Facilities?

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Public facilities refer to those essential facilities that need to be provided to everyone. Some important examples of essential public facilities include healthcare, sanitation facilities, and educational institutions. public transport and so forth.

Public facilities are those services provided by the government to its citizens. The objective of the government is mainly to provide these facilities to citizens to maintain social and economic activities in a more smooth manner. The benefits of public facilities once provided; benefits are shared by many people.

Public Facilities


Characteristics of Public Facilities

  1. The benefits of public facilities can be shared by a lot of people all at once.  For example, hospitals constructed can be used by the masses together, at once.
  2. Essential public facilities include roads, sanitation, water, etc, which are very essential for survival.
  3. Government is responsible to provide these to individuals without any discrimination.

Government Responsibility

It is essentially the responsibility of the Government to provide for public facilities. Public facilities can be provided by the private players, but they won’t be able to sustain themselves without taking into account the profits involved. Hence, facilities provided by them won’t be affordable to all; because of this, it is important for the government to provide public facilities.

The constitution guarantees the Right to Life to everyone who lives in the country and that means that all the basic needs of people have to be met and all the basic needs of people are connected closely to public facilities.

Public Facilities in India

The government of India gives its citizens ample public facilities and opportunities, some of which are mentioned below:

Health Facilities

Citizens of the country should have access to basic amenities such as health conditions; for which government organizes various programs and awareness. There is the presence of government hospitals so that the public can avail the health services.

Education Facilities

Indian government provides many services for the education sector like infrastructure, tables, and others. However, the basic performance depends solely on the cooperation of students and how they utilize it to the optimum.

Distribution System meant for the public

The medium of ration shops and public distribution system is chosen by the government to ensure food for people with lesser incomes. The necessary items, including vegetables and wheat, are provided at lower prices so that they can be bought easily.


Sanitation is one of the most important components to create a cleaner environment. Major sanitation facilities include proper waste disposal, public toilets, hazardous waste management, and so forth.

Public Transport

Good public transportation is an important facility that allows citizens to travel across the country faster, safer, and in an affordable way. The connectivity between different regions of the country between them is taken into consideration while planning public transport.


Clean water should be available for everyone in the public treatment facilities and canals should be constructed to make water available for agriculture and irrigation. The government along with providing clean water should also provide facilities to purify domestic water and treatment of water from harmful substances.

Security Facilities

The more secure a person can feel and the happier they are with the government policies presented. To maintain such law and order, the government has given many of these rules and regulations.

Importance of Public Facilities for the Development of Country

Availability of Education

It is important means to earn and increase lifestyle. Employment is only possible when one has the educational qualifications and which government has to develop an educational infrastructure that ensures everyone has equal educational opportunities.

Availability of Food and Nutrition

Ration shops and public distribution system is important for many people to fulfill their daily food needs and public facilities is a way to ensure that people have access to proper nutrition through these shops.

Upliftment of Lifestyle

These facilities are crucial to raising the affordability of the people and facilities including health, drinking facilities, and so forth, and to ensure that people from rural areas get that opportunity too.

Ideas to better the Public Facilities 

Three methods for working on open offices in India are recorded underneath:

  • The accessibility of essential administrations, for example, training, medical services, perfect and safe drinking water, disinfection, and so forth by the public authority and its establishments should be guaranteed by dispensing with the mediators from the framework. The drive like DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer), and Clean India Mission, taken by the current officeholder government are laudable in such a manner.
  • The filthiest foe in the provisioning of public administrations is debasement. It restrains monetary development and influences society at large. The new move of demonetization by the public authority of India is a monster venture towards battling debasement and its different structures.
  • The administrations should arrive at poor people and the retrogressive segments of the general public in the remotest regions which guarantees its execution by the public authority in working on the everyday environments of individuals overall.

Comparative analysis between Private and Public Facilities

Private Facilities

  • The private foundations’ cells and latrines, administrative staff and dinners, amusement, visiting, and medical clinic regions there are varieties.
  • The private offices are likewise a benefited association.
  • The massive contrasts between the two offices are that the private office isn’t controlled by the public authority, doesn’t have cops, isn’t monetarily directed, and can work without the gamble of mediation by administrative organizations or officials.

Public Facilities

Public offices involve framework, sterilization, public vehicle, medical services, water, and so forth the public offices are worked by some administrations as a ‘benefit making business’ unafraid of obstruction by outside elements or authoritative bodies.

Consequences and outcomes of better Public Facilities

Public offices are the fundamental offices like schooling, food, well-being, power, disinfection, safe drinking water, cover, security, and so on, that are given all things considered by the Government. Public offices are significant as they guarantee fundamental necessities of individuals gets satisfied in a reasonable manner. Public offices are connected with our essential requirements and the Indian Constitution has perceived the option of water, well-being, instruction, and so on just like a piece of the Right to Life. The significant job of the public authority is to guarantee satisfactory public offices for everybody.

Comparative analysis of Public Facilities between India and other more developed countries 

The Developed nations are otherwise called Advanced nations or the main world nations, as they are independent countries. Human Development Index (HDI) insights rank the nations based on their turn of events. The country which is having an elevated requirement of living, high GDP, high kid government assistance, medical care, great clinical, transportation, correspondence and instructive offices, better lodging, and everyday environments, modern, infrastructural and innovative progression, higher per capita pay, expansion in future and so on are known as Developed Country. These nations produce additional income from the modern area when contrasted with the administration area as they are having a post-modern economy. Coming up next are the names of a few created nations: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States.

The nations which are going through the underlying degrees of modern advancement alongside low per capita pay are known as Developing Countries. These nations go under the classification of underdeveloped nations. They are otherwise called lower-created nations. Emerging Nations rely on Developed Countries, to help them in laying out business the nation over. The nation has a low Human Development Index (HDI) for example the nation has a low Gross Domestic Product, a high ignorance rate, instructive, transportation, correspondence, and clinical offices are not awesome, impractical government obligation, inconsistent conveyance of pay, high demise rate and rate of birth, hunger both to mother and newborn child which case high baby death rate, elevated degree of joblessness and neediness. Hence, the Public facilities in India would be more developed only when there is overall development in the country.


Public facilities of a country are not only important for the growth of the country but also help the rural poor to enjoy some of the basic amenities of life through the same. Important and basic facilities required for growth and development like irrigation and infrastructure are also provided by the government.

FAQs on Public Facilities

Question 1: What are public facilities?


Public facilities refer to the essential facilities which are needed to be provided for everyone. Some of the important public facilities include healthcare,sanitation facilities etc.

Question 2: Where does the government get money for public facilities?


The revenue required by the government is achieved from the taxes collected from the people.

Question 3: Who provides the public facilities?


Public facilities are provided by the governement to it’s citizens.

Question 4: What are the characteristics of public facilities?


The characteristics of public facilities includes the factor that it is shared by many in the given area.

Question 5: Why should the government be responsible for public facilities?


The basic needs of the people are connected to the public facilities available to them and this must be provided by government.

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Last Updated : 24 Feb, 2023
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