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Wells Fargo Interview Experience for Program Associate (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2022
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Hi everybody! Hope all of you have prepared well for this placement season.

In the first week of September, Wells Fargo visited our campus for the Program Associate role. In the pre-placement talk, the company explained its hiring process. It has a four-step process.

Online Assessment: After filling up the form, around 130 students were shortlisted (no idea about the criteria) and got the test link. The Online Assessment was conducted on SHL (AMCAT) platform and had 3 sections as given below.

  • Verbal Aptitude: This section consisted of 12 MCQs to be solved in 15 minutes. The questions were from ‘Reading Comprehensions’, ‘Fill in the Blanks’, ‘Error Detection’, ‘Paragraphs’, ‘Vocabulary & Grammar’, ‘One Word Substitution’, ‘Antonyms and Synonyms’, etc.
    • Tips: Be calm, and carefully read the questions, you can easily solve this section. 
  • Business Analysis:  Consists of 15 MCQs to be solved in 25 minutes. Most of the questions were from the concept of stock price comparison. You have to analyze the graphs and the charts given with the questions.
    • Tips: If you have some prior knowledge about the stock market and investment, it will be very easy to solve the questions.
  • Programming: There were two coding questions to be solved in 60 minutes. In my case the questions were- 
    • The salary and initial distance from the distribution station of n delivery partner are given. Maximum distance d, which is under the particular distribution station is given. If a delivery partner has to deliver parcels beyond that maximum distance then a one-time bonus b will be added to his/her salary. You are given a query of [q][3] size array. If the query is of type 0 then you have to print the total salary of n delivery partners and if it is of type 1 then you have to add the distance to the given delivery partner’s current distance. If the distance is greater than the maximum distance, then add the bonus to his salary (Only one time per delivery partner). The story is big but the problem is very simple you can do it in one traversal.  
    • A tree is given, every node represents a computer and every edge has a value that represents the number of data packets that can be transferred through it. You have to find a maximum number of data packets that can be transferred through the whole network. Note we cannot transfer data packets through an edge greater than the maximum capacity of the sub-network connected with that edge. It can be solved with recursion.
    • Solved 13/13 test cases of the first question and 12/15 test cases of the second question.
    • Tips: Practice the previously asked coding questions of the company, there is a chance of repeating the same type of questions.

Technical Interview (Round-1): This round was held on Zoom Platform and lasted for 50 minutes. 29 students were shortlisted for this round.

  • Introduction
  • Asked Basic DSA concepts – Stack, Queue, and example of real application of Data Structures.
  • Asked some questions from the operating system – Scheduling, Deadlock, Memory Management.
  • Implementation of Quick sort and Merge sort.
  • Polymorphism from the OOP concept.
  • One coding question – Kth maximum element of an array.
  • Question for me to ask.

 Tips: Try to polish your DSA and CS fundamentals concepts. Interact with the interviewer during writing the code, and discuss with him/her the approach. Try to conclude with an optimized approach.

Technical & Managerial Interview (Round-2): 17 students were shortlisted for this round. It was also held on the Zoom platform and lasted for 40 minutes.

  • Introduction
  • Detailed discussion on the project, how it is working, why have you chosen this project, and what is the main objective behind doing the project.
  • Implementation of Binary Search, different from another searching algorithm, can we implement binary search on a linked list? justify it.
  • Pros and cons of doubly linked list over the singly linked list.
  • When to use SQL database and when to use NoSQL database. Asked some questions from MongoDB and SQL.
  • Union and joins from SQL.
  • Inheritance, Template functions, Friend function, abstract class.
  • Why Wells Fargo? Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • Questions for me to ask.

 Tips: Have a clear idea of your project, how it is working, and the motive for doing the project. Also, prepare some common HR questions beforehand. Always use the opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer, it has a positive impact on the interviewer.

Telephonic HR Round: I got a call from HR. It lasted around 2-3 minutes. I was asked if I was interested in the job or not and if I have any plans for higher study.

Finally, 13 students were selected, and I was one of them.

Final Tip: Be confident about yourself, explore the new technologies, and have some good projects, and you will shine bright!

Best of Luck!

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