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Wells Fargo Interview experience for Associate Programmer

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Hi, guys, Wells Fargo visited our campus for the role of Associative programmer role in the first week of September. It has 3 rounds.     

  • Online Assessment: Around 120 students were shortlisted for the first round(CGPA is a big criterion but didn’t know the cutoff) and got the test link. The exam was conducted on the SHL platform.
  • Verbal aptitude: This section consisted of 12 MCQs to be solved in 15 minutes. The questions were from ‘Reading Comprehensions’, ‘Fill in the Blanks’, ‘Error Detection’, ‘Paragraphs’, ‘Vocabulary & Grammar’, ‘One Word Substitution’, ‘Antonyms and Synonyms’, etc.
  • Business analysis: This consists of 15 questions to be solved in 25 minutes. You have to analyze the graphs and solve them accordingly.
  • Coding round: This section consists of 2 coding questions to be solved in 60 minutes.

Round 2(technical round): The interview was around 60 minutes and started with a basic introduction and asked about the projects in detail and followed by 2 coding questions.

  • Given 2 arrays find whether one array is a subset of the other.
  • Implement merge sort using a doubly linked list as my project was on a doubly linked list.

They asked me about oops in c++.

They gave me a puzzle and the puzzle was 

Round 3(technical + HR): This round was around 30 minutes. They asked me a basic introduction and asked me about my projects and some hr questions.                                          

  • What do you know about Wells Fargo?              
  • How do you tackle pressure?                                
  • What will you do if you are the team lead and a team member didn’t complete the project in time?

Tips: Be through your projects and answer confidently whatever you say and learn the basics of oop.

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Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2022
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