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WD-Sandisk Interview Experience

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(Aug, 2018): BE and ME CS and EC people were eligible. The cutoff was 7 cgpa.

Round 1:
There was three section. 15 questions were on each section, 45 min in total given.
1. Aptitude (easy to moderate) — compulsory
Either of below section. Will get bonus if do both,
2. C/C++ based MCQ
3. Pure electronics

Of course, I wrote section 2. Problems were really good. You have to be extremely good in C, some questions were like,
a. passing variable number of arguments in c
b. problems based on macros
c. packing and alignment in c
d. 4-5 questions on pointers, all with complex representation
e. output based questions

Round 2:
There were panel of two member.
P-1: Finding loop in linked list, write iterative and non iterative codes. Space C. = O(1)
P-2: Explain any data structure, with its use case. I explained “Union find”.
2 min discussion on my resume technical skills.

The other guy started grilling me in c/c++:
Q1: Explain macro function and inline function
Q2: Pointer and reference
Q3: Why to use inheritance ?
Q4: Function pointer, array of pointer, pointer to an array
Q5: How class is different from structure, why we need it? Can we do same thing using structure only.
We were supposed to answer in details such as how the compiler deals, their underlying description not just properties and difference.

Round 3:
A normal HR + managerial round. Nothing technical.

Note: Almost everyone has gone through more rounds after round 2 excluding HR round.
Result: Selected 🙂

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Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2018
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