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Walmart Interview Experience for Summer Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2020
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Walmart Labs came to BITS Goa for SIP 20-21. The process was a coding round followed by an interview. The coding round consisted of 25 MCQs and 1 coding question.
Round 1:

  1. MCQs were based on Math, DSA, DBMS, OOP, and Probability.
  2. The coding question was: 


Given a number A, B is the product of all factors of A, C is the product of all prime factors of B, D is the number of factors of C.Find D%1000000007.

They shortlisted 17 students for interviews.

Round 2: Most interviews lasted for about 20-30 minutes they asked HR questions, basic Math, and DSA questions. Mine and another student’s interview lasted for about 1.5 hrs.

The interviewer asked me 4 questions, they were all puzzles and DSA.

  1. The first was ABCD*4 = DCBA, find ABCD(ABCD is a number ).
  2. Create a hash function for strings(made of lower-case English letters) of a fixed length(say n), such that there are no collisions in the hash function.
  3. Given a function that generates only 2 outcomes say 0 or 1 with equal probability and given a number n, create another function from it such that the new function generates numbers from 0 to n with equal probability.
  4. Let’s say you have to make a database that removes data from itself after a certain expiration period (say 5 years), how will you implement it?

I tried answering the last question using maps / timestamps, but he did not seem convinced, I required a hint for the 3rd question and was able to solve the first 2 questions on my own.

I asked the interviewer for feedback and what projects are assigned to the interns at Walmart Labs.

While giving the feedback he pointed out all the places where I could’ve improved myself, and because of that I thought that I might not receive an offer, but I did anyway 😉

Keep going on and don’t get disheartened if you don’t get selected, before this, I was rejected from Microsoft, Cisco, and Flipkart, but I pushed myself and eventually got selected.

Go rock the stage!!

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