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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE-III

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  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2022
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I applied at Instahyre. The recruiter contacted me for basic info. After some time my interview was scheduled. There were four rounds.

Round 1 (DS Algorithm): There were 2 coding questions:

  1. The first question was a variant of I was asked to sort the array based on the given 3 digits order.
  2. The second question was

Round 2 (Programming): In this round, the interviewer asked me a lot of questions in java. He asked me about the JVM, Garbage Collection, Memory Allocation, and Strings. Then there were a few programming questions as below.

  1. The first question was to find the average price of the Item (name, price, quantity) list. the only catch was to use the Java 8 Stream API.
  2. The second question was to explain the memory allocation of different string object creation.
  3. The third question was

Round 3 (Hiring Manager): In this round, the HM explained the BU, working style, and product as well. After explaining he asked me about my current work and responsibilities. After that, he asked me about my current project. Once I explained about the project. We discussed the improvements to the current design, caching, scalability, and performance.

Round 4 (HR): The questions were pretty standard such as why I want to change the job and some behavioral questions.

All the best!!

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