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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE-3 Backend Developer

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2022
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I am currently working at Walmart as a Backend Developer. I will be sharing my whole experience of Interviews at Walmart in detail.

I received a call for the interview through Linkedin and the recruiter asked me if I can give the interview on the coming weekend 7th November 2020, but since I wasn’t confident enough I requested her to consider me for the next drives which were supposed to happen on 28th Nov 2020.

On the 28 of November, I appeared for the Interview and the whole process except Salary Negotiation got finished the same day. I had to go through total 3 rounds which are as follows:

Round 1(DS Algo and Problem Solving): The interviewer started the interview with his introduction and asked me to give my introduction as well after that he moved on to ask the following questions

  1. Given an array of elements of length N, ranging from 0 to N – 1. All elements may not be present in the array. If the element is not present then there will be -1 present in the array. Rearrange the array such that A[i] = i and if i is not present, display -1 at that place.”
  2. Write Code to Link Left Nodes of the Binary Tree to its immediate Right Sibling

Since in the introduction I mentioned that I love to play chess at last he just asked my to approach to solve N Queens problem.

Round 2(Language Proficiency in Java):

  1. Implement Queue using Stack (Working Code).
  2. Explain the Internal working of HashMap in java.
  3. Your app is receiving data in patches of 100,  which data structure Array List or LinkedList will you be using to store and why?
  4. Explain the difference between Singleton and Static?

Since I was able to answer all the questions I easily. qualified for this round as well and was asked to appear in the final Round which was Hiring Manager

Round 3(Hiring Manager Round): This round was the lengthiest round of all as the Hiring manager along with other questions asked me design questions as well and the discussion had to be long.

  1. Design an online Music Application like Prime Music or Spotify

Following were his expectations

  • Requirements
  • Come up with Different Components
  • Write APIs (REST)
  • Write code to print Zig-Zag traversal of Binary Tree.
  • Draw and Explain the architecture Diagram of your current project
  • What is the most complex problem you have encountered and solved in your career span now?
  • Apart from the assigned work, what else have you done voluntarily in your company’s project or outside.

And finally, he wrapped up the interview by asking if I have any questions for him!

Result: After all these Rounds I got the confirmation on the next working day that I have been selected and send all the required documents for further processing, However, the salary negotiation took a long time and I got my offer letter around 21 days later.

Finally, I joined Walmart and currently working in it. I hope this experience will helpful for people who are preparing or going to appear for the interview.

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