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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE 3 | 3.4 Years of Experienced

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2021
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Hi, Hope everyone is healthy and share. Today I am sharing my interview experience with Walmart.

Round 1(Data Structures And Algorithm):

  1. Flat a linked list.
  2. Reverse a linked list into k groups.
  3. Implement LRU Cache (Using linked list).
  4. Modified version of Kadan’s algorithm.
  5. Check if two nodes are cousins in a Binary tree.

Round 2(Java Round  – Taken by US team): Discussed current company and project.

  1. Asked Design pattern. (Implementation of Producer consumer pattern ).
  2. Java 8 features. (Completable future and Streams and closure). Given a code where I need to process data using streams.
  3. Java code to find max palindrome substring.
  4. Trapping rain water problem.
  5. Questions from Collections and generics.

Round 3(System Design):

  1. Design a messaging chat system. (Asked implement in both ( microservices as well as a monolith ).
  2. Explain load balancing.
  3. Asked about JWT and Spring Boot.

Round 4(Hiring Manager Round): Architecture of current project.

  1. Asked me few puzzles.
  2. Question from graph BFS and DFS.
  3. Asked me how to scale a large distributed system.
  4. Some behavioral questions.


  1. Be confident and calm.
  2. Focus on DSA as well as Java.
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