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Wadhwani Institute AI Interview Experience for Android Engineer

  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021

I have attended the Wadhwani AI – Android Engineer position interview on Jun 17, 2020.  There was a total of four rounds for this position and each round was too challenging.  These rounds were.

Round 1 (In-discussion with Talent Acquisition Specialist  15 minutes): This round is one to one discussion between candidate and Talent Acquisition Specialist on Google Meet.


  • How much applied candidates know about this position and company.
  • What the candidate is currently doing and how much he has experience in this position.
  • To know about total work experience in Kotlin and Android development.
  • Candidate’s availability for next round
  • Why the candidate is interested to join this company and the reason for looking for a new job.

Round 2 (Online Test 25 minutes): This assessment consisted of five Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and one Programming Question on HackerEarth and candidates need to complete this test within a time.  However, this test objective is to know how a candidate knows the basics of android.


  • Basic Knowledge of Android and Kotlin
  • What is Intent
  • How to start Activity
  • What is startActivityForResult
  • How to use SQLite
  • Background and Foreground Service

Round 3 (Exploratory Call 60 minutes): This assessment consisted of live coding and Android programming related questions on HackerEarth. Here, the interviewer will write some questions on the HackerEarth screen and the candidate has to compile the code or need to find the bugs in the code. However, the interviewer can ask verbally how can solve this problem or what is wrong with this code.


  • Ability to identify problem types and apply conventionally known techniques to solve them.
  • Communication skills should be good.
  • Clear explanation
  • Solve the problem within a time
  • Focus on ANR(Application Not Responding)
  • What is an approach to handling if a thousand requests come together in the android application?

Round 4 (Managerial, HR 60 minutes): This is the final round and between candidate and Interviewer, and this time interviewers maybe some higher authority of the company occupied with HR.  Believe yourself and give the proper answer, what they ask, and just focus on the question and try to give an answer in a short time.

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