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Vvdn Technologies Interview Experience Python Django Developer

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I’ve applied through 

First round : Technical Round : Focused on problem solving(arrays and strings), optimistic approach, programming knowledge and oops, I went with python language 

Second round : Technical Round : Some problem solving questions based on arrays and strings,

  •  some basic to intermediate DSA(arrays, strings, hashing, sorting, searching), 
  • optimistic approach, 
  • time and space complexity, 
  • basic design patterns(which I’m not aware of at that time), 
  • dbms questions, 
  • sql queries.

And they asked from django web framework questions which is for job profile and some project experience from previous company 

Third Round : HR round : Basic HR interview questions from internet they were looking for polite and reasonable answers like 

  • Where you will in next 5years? 
  • Will you relocate? 
  • Why you need this job? 
  • Who was your inspiration and why? 
  • How do you handle deadline? 
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Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2022
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