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Vuram Technology Solutions Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2022
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Department: Mechatronics

The recruitment was for Workhall Pvt Ltd whose parent company is Vuram Technology. The recruitment process consists of 4 rounds. I was interviewed for the Research Analyst role.

Round 1: Online Test: Following the pre-placement presentation, the test credentials are shared via mail and the online test was conducted. The online test was conducted on the DoSelect Platform.

  • The test consists of three sections – MCQs, Essay writing, Coding
  • Test duration: 100 minutes
  • MCQ Section
    • 40 questions based on General Aptitude, Verbal, Logical Reasoning, and Programming Output MCQs.
    • Also few questions on Operating Systems.
  • Essay Writing
    • One essay writing question
    • I was given the topic, “What is stress? How do the current generation people handle stress ?”
    • My friends had a few topics like Why money is important, Your favorite childhood memories, What is your thoughts about community service, etc.
  • Coding
    • 4 coding questions were given.
    • No compiler is used just code needs to be typed.
    • Any programming language can be used.
    • Questions for me:
      • Check whether both strings are anagrams.
      • Removal of vowels from a string
      • Frequency of substrings in a large string
      • Frequency of elements in a given array

Tip: Questions are very easy but make sure you don’t waste the time and also switch tabs

Round 2: Technical Interview (Level 1): This interview was around 30 minutes.

  • First, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and I gave a quick intro about myself for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Then the interviewer asked about my projects and I explained those.
  • Later, she started to ask questions regarding my skills on the resume
    • Difference between JVM and JDK
    • Types of Joins in SQL
    • OOPs Concepts with real-life examples
    • What are access modifiers?
    • Why C is a mid-level language?
    • Decorators in Python
    • Difference between SQL and MySQL
    • Advantages of Python
    • Struggles in completing a project
  • Then she shared a coding question – “First Non Repeating Character in a String”
  • I started sharing my screen and coded it.

Tip: Make sure your logic is correct for the coding question. Don’t panic about the output

Round 3: Technical Interview (Level 2): This interview was hardly around 8-10 minutes.

  • General Introduction about myself
  • Questions regarding the courses on my resume
  • Since I had completed courses on AWS, questions were around them.
    • What is DynamoDB?
    • Types of databases?
    • What is data analytics?
    • IT support fundamentals
  • The interviewer asked for a puzzle and was told to answer it without using a paper pen.
    • If a store sold 25 pairs of socks, making a 25% profit of $150, how much did they charge for each pair?

Round 4: HR Interview: This interview was around 10 minutes.

  • Introduction about myself.
  • General questions about my parents and native.
  • Tested my thinking knowledge by asking about my essay in Round 1.
  • A few questions about the company were asked.

Thank you !!

Wish you all the best 🙂

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