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Vocabulary for CAT and Aptitude Related Exams

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This article is about the words that appear regularly in the vocabulary part of the CAT exam and aptitude related exams.

This article is all about the words that start with the letter ‘A’.

S.No. Word Definition
1 abandon to give up
2 abashed Embarrassed
3 abate to lessen; to subside
4 abbreviate to shorten
5 abdicate to give upformally
6 aberration straying away from what is normal
7 abet to assist
8 abeyance suspended action, not being used
9 abhor to hate; to detest
10 abide be faithful; to endure
11 abject miserable
12 abjure promise or swear to give up
13 ablution washing
14 abnegation self-denial
15 abominate to detest; to dislike strongly
16 abrogate repeal or annul by authority
17 abscond to go away suddenly
18 absolve to free from guilt or duty
19 abut the border on, next to
20 abysmal extremely bad
21 abyss a bottomless pit, anything too deep to measure
22 accede agree to
23 accolade praise; approval
24 accost to approach and speak to
25 acolyte assistant, beginner
26 acquit to clear of a charge
27 acrid sharp
28 acrimony bitterness or harshness of speech or manner
29 acronym the word formed from the initial letters of a group of words.
30 acrophobia an abnormal fear of being in high places
31 acumen the keenness of mind, insight
32 adage an old saying, proverb
33 addle to become rotten, to become confused
34 adduce to offer as an example, reason or proof
35 ad Infinitum forever, endlessly
36 adjunct something added, assistant
37 ad-valorem in proportion to the estimated value of goods
38 aestival appearing in summer
 39 affray fight in a public place or battle
40 afflatus divine revelation, inspiration
41 affusion pouring on
42 aggrandize to make greater, more powerful, richer
43 aggravate make worse, irritate
44 agile active, quick-moving
45 agog eager, excited
46 agoraphobia abnormal fear of open or public places
47 agnate descended by male links from the same male ancestor
48 allegro rapid, quick
49 altruism unselfish concern for the welfare of others
50 anagnorisis recognition
51 animadvert to comment adversely
52 anthropomorphic having human characteristics
53 aperitif an alcoholic drink taken before a meal
54 apocalypse revelation of future
55 apologist one who defends or attempts to justify a doctrine, faith, action, etc.
56 apothecary a person who prepares and sells medicine
57 appellation identifying name or title
58 apposite appropriate, fitting
59 arabesque a complex ornate design
60 arcade a covered passage
61 arcane secret, mysterious
62 arid dry and barren, dull
63 arrogance proud superior manner of behavior
64 arroyo a gully
65 artefact a hand-made object
66 ascend go or come up
67 ascendancy dominance
68 ashen deadly pale
69 assiduous hard-working, diligent
70 astringent substance that shrinks
71 atavism the resemblance to remote ancestors
72 atticism extreme elegance of speech
73 athwart lying across,
74 atheism the belief that there is no god
75 attenuate make thin; weaken; enervate
76 attune bring into harmony
77 atypical not typical; abnormal
78 audacious daring, foolishly bold, impudent
79 august majestic, venerable
80 auspicious favorable, successful, prosperous
81 austere severely moral and strict, simple and plain
82 auxiliary helping, supporting
83 aver affirm; assert
84 avid eager; greedy
85 avow admit; declare openly
86 aubergine purple vegetable
87 auger a tool for boring holes
88 augment increase
89 avocado a pear shaped tropical fruit
90 avow declare
91 awash covered or flooded with water
92 awl a pointed tool for making holes
93 awning a sheet of canvas on a frame, used for shelter
94 awol absent without leave
95 awry away from the expected course or position
96 axle a rod on which wheels turn
97 ayatollah a religious leader in Iran
98 azalea a shrub with brightly coloured flowers
99 aztec a member of an American Indian people ruling Mexico before the Spanish conquest
100 azure a bright blue colour

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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