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VISA Interview Experience for Data Engineering Intern (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2023
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Visa Came to our Campus in 2023 for a Data Engineering role. I am from a Tier 1 college so the cutoff for our college was 7 CGPA and it was open to all the branches. For other colleges, it might be 7.5 to 8.

There were a total of 2 rounds conducted :

Online coding round:  It was conducted on Hacker Rank. We were given 12 questions for 1hr which included 10 MCQs, 1 DSA, 1 SQL question.

  • The 10 MCQs were based on OOPs, DBMS, and C programming language. We also had a few aptitude questions. 
    The DSA question was a very easy Priority_Queue question. Where we had to pick the best 2 values and add their sum to our cost. The most trivial question, I solved this question in 5 minutes. 
  • Then I moved on to the MCQs. They were pretty easy and doable, completed all of them in around 15 min. 
  • Then came the SQL thing. I had recently revised SQL just before the VISA test ( I saw the sample test and it had SQL queries in it, so just had to revise them ). This was probably the decider. Many people weren’t able to solve this ,I on the other had was doing a silly mistake and wasted a few minutes but I eventually figured out my mistake . Solved it in 15 min. Revised for like 5 min and submitted. Completed the test in aound 40 mins.

I wasn’t sure of getting selected as many people from my college with a greater CGPA than me also got all the questions correct, when the list came 25 people were shortlisted for the second round of interviews. I was happy that I had been selected for the interviews.

Second round: The second round was supposed to be a 30 min technical + HR round. 

  • We started with the typical interview question about my introduction. 
  • Then he asked me why I wanted to join VISA. I had researched about VISA quite a lot, I had in-depth knowledge about VISA products like visanet and figures like 200 countries and territories.
  •  He was happy with my knowledge. He then saw my Resume and started asking a few questions on that, I answered them as I had already given a few mock interviews for the same. Then we moved on to the technical side. 
  • He asked me to implement Inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, and encapsulation in the language of my choice in CODE-PAIR Hacker Rank. After I did that we moved on to SQL queries, We coded a good over 5 queries and had a discussion about life at VISA.
  •  I asked for feedback at the end of the interview and he said I am on the right track and will do good in the future. A huge shoutout to my interviewer, he was a great guy and made me feel very comfortable. Not once did he make me feel tense. 
  • Thanks for that wonderful interview experience.

I was tensed about getting an offer as everyone received positive responses from their interviewers plus they had to do a huge cutting from around 25 people , only 7 people were selected in the end . I was once of the lucky ones to be selected from my college.

Tips :

  • Learn DSA, Try to solve the coding question as soon as possible.
  • Learn DBMS, solve the SQL part as it is the one that will differentiate you from most of the others.
  • Learn about the company before an interview.
  • Have a good idea about your Resume and your projects.
  • Dont worry and do your best , in the end its all Luck.
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