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Visa Internship Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019

Round 1: Online Coding Round

The round was held on Hackerrank coding platform. It was an hour long test comprising of 4 coding questions. The questions were as follows:

Q1 – Check if a given sequence of moves for a robot is circular or not

Q2 – Given an array with n elements and another array with m elements where each index has the value by which the array is rotated and the index of max element in the original array after each rotation is to be found

Q3 – Given an array of n elements print the count of pairs in the array with product less than a given value

Q4 – Given a sorted array where ith element tells count of people that ith umbrella can protect from rain, tell the minimum number of umbrellas needed that can protect exactly the given number of people K from rain. A twist on the famous coin change problem ( DP solution )

Round 2: Technical Interview

The interviewer asked for my CV then asked me to tell more about myself. He then introduced himself. I had projects on android, web development as well as a chat bot, he was pretty impressed. He asked me the difference between an android OS and windows desktop OS followed by the difference between security implementation in both. Then he asked the series of steps to perform while user is switching to or from your application in android. Then an interesting question on what cases will you have to handle if you get a txt file for a C++ program and you have to put the code in a format that looks presentable ( look up what C Beautify is and what it does ). I mentioned that I had started watching ML tutorials online so he asked me some questions on the tutorial to make sure I wasn’t lying  XD . He then asked me if had a question for him.

That was all, the first and only interview round, which was 30 mins long but it felt like it took 5 mins for the entire process, we shook hands and I left. The next day my friend messaged me and told me I had been selected 😀

Just be thorough with what you put on your CV. Be honest and confident both on paper and in person and you’ll ace through any interview you go to.

Big shout out to GEEKSFORGEEKS , the best place to prepare for your interview

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