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Visa Inc. Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2022
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Visa Inc. came to our campus for placements. There was one online test on hackerrank and 3 PI rounds.

Round-1: Online Test(90 mins):

  • Two DSA questions based on arrays and strings(LC Medium)
  • One Rest-Api question in which I had to fetch an API and Output a Particular Data.

I was able to clear this round.

Round-2: Technical Round-I(1 hr): The Interviews were online on-campus. It started with a basic introduction and jumped straight to questions.

  • Draw a flowchart of your projects and Explain it in Layman Terms.
  • 1 DSA question(variation of Longest Palindromic Substring).
  • Internship-related questions.

Round-3:- Technical Round-II(1 hr): The interviewer was very friendly. It also started with a basic intro and jumped straight to the questions. 

  • 2 DSA questions(LC Medium). In the first DSA problem, I had to write the code while in the other question I just had to elaborate on the also needed to solve the problem.
  • Discussion is related to blockchain.
  • What is Normalization implement different levels of Normalization like 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF in the given table?
  • What is OOPs Define the 4 pillars of OOPs. Also, he asked me to write the code for function overloading.
  • What is Cryptography and what are some Cryptography Algorithms?
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys.
  • Design Hackerrank Backend. In addition, he questioned me about the new function I wanted to add to Hackerrank that wasn’t already there.
  • What are the new features you want to add to your chat app (My CV project) that WhatsApp does not already have?
  • Finally, I requested comments on what areas I needed to work on.

Round-4:- Technical + Managerial Round-III(1hr 10 mins):

  • Why Visa?
  • Then a further discussion on VISA NET.
  • How UPI works?
  • Some maths-related questions (because I said to him that I m good at maths).
  • Then Discussion on Network Security.

Verdict:- Selected

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