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Virtusa Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Virtusa came to our campus in July end.

The process was conducted in three phases

  • Online Aptitude Test and coding test
  • Technical interview 
  • Managerial/HR round

Online Test: It was conducted on the SHL platform and included 5 Sections(2 Aptitude,1 English,1 CS fundamentals,1 Coding round). 

  • Aptitude tests included Quantitative aptitude, Logical and English. Level of Quants and Logical was quite easy but English passages were a bit tricky proper time management was required. CS fundamentals were quite basic. Just revise the Operating system, Computer networks, and Linked List questions.
  • The coding round included 3 coding questions. Which first two were Basic and easy levels from the topic of String, Arrays, and Sieves. The third question was a bit of a tricky one but it was in the range of Easy to medium with enough practice in DSA you can solve it.
  • The last two questions were of DP and if you did both then you were Eligible for a differential /higher package.

I was able to solve the first two questions and almost the third question. I was shortlisted along with 44 more students out of 150.

Technical round: During the pre-placement talk company manager said, ” Not to worry about the interview if you are just able to give logic you are in”.

  • I kept that in mind and went for the interview, Interviewer was quite friendly and he asked me about the skills on my resume.
  • Difference between assembler and compiler is also the full form of STL.
  • Logic to reverse a number given in string format.
  • The interview went for 10 Mins.
  • Simple puzzle.

verdict- I was shortlisted for the final round along with 10 students.

Managerial Round: The manager asked about my project . One technical question and then immediately shifted to HR questions. Like whether I would be willing to relocate or not.Willing to work on new technology. It went on for 5 mins and the final verdict was given on the next day.

7 students were shortlisted to join the company.

Key points- Just know your Projects, Easy to medium DSA problems, and basic CS fundamentals.

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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2022
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