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Veritas Virtual Hiring | On-Campus 2021 Batch

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Role: Associate SQA Engineer

Location: Pune

Round 1: (Online MCQ test)

Platform: HackerRank

35 MCQs: 5 aptitude questions, others were based on DS, Networking, Database, OOP concepts, Linux commands, OS and System programming.

Linux commands: dmesg, long command to find cpu usage, what happens  when we press CTRL+C

Database: select * from R, S is equivalent to

DS: find max no. of keys for BTree of order 3 and height 3, B+ tree allows rapid random access as well as rapid sequential access(True/False), time complexities, need of circular queue

Networking: related to TCP/IP model, what is version of IP if packet size is 8 bits

Others were based on OOP concepts and 2 code snippets on system programming like threads/SGKILL

Round 2: Technical Interview(Virtual meeting)

Screen sharing was mandatory.

1. Introduction and BE project(to make you comfortable with virtual process)

2. Linked list(asked to almost everyone): how to detect loop, find middle node, intersection, detect cycle

3. Function to reverse string, count frequency of words, threads vs processes, IP vs MAC address, multithreading, “What happens when you start a computer?”, working of RAM, process scheduling

4. OOP concepts

5. Some were asked about python basics like list/map/lambda

Round 3: (Managerial Round)

Concepts in deep about networking, LINUX,  test cases, testing and system programming

Round 4: (HR Interview)

Basic HR questions, BE project, puzzles

Bonus Tip: Follow the recruiters, Talent Acquisition and the HR on LinkedIn, get to know about hiring carried out in other colleges and get in touch with those students.

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Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2020
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