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Veritas Interview Experience for Technical Support Analyst 2023

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  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2022
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Veritas Visited our campus At the end of July The Role they were Offering Was Customer Technical Support Analyst. Drive was Open for CS, IT, and E&tc. The recruitment Process Was Consist of  5 Rounds.

Round 1:  Profile Shortlisting: For Profile Shortlisting CGPA and Overall Scores of 12th and 10th were needed to be greater than 60% almost all those fulfilling these criteria were shortlisted to the next round.

Round 2:Aptitude: The aptitude test was on the Hackerrank platform and was for 60 minutes and was having 20 questions of Aptitude and the rest 40 were mainly from CS Fundamentals. The aptitude test was easy and MCQ questions were also easy. Aptitude Questions were mainly focused on

  • Age problems?
  • Ratio and Proportion Problems?
  • Speed
  • Boats and Streams
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Blood Relations
  • Trains Problems
  • Ranking, Ages
  • Data sufficiency
  • Theme Deduction
  • Logical Deduction- Syllogisms
  • Profit and Loss
  • Blood relation
  • Simple Compound Interest
  • Averages
  • Data Interpretation 

Overall the Test was Easy.

Round 3:Technical Interview: Among approximately 400 students 65 were shortlisted for Technical Interview and I Was One of them. The technical Interview was completely Based on the Computer Science Fundamentals and Resume, As this is a nontechnical Role They don’t focus on Coding and DSA. My interviewer took my interview for like 35 to 40 minutes, It started with my Introduction and then the questions were on DBMS, SQL Queries, CN, OS, and Cloud. Deep Knowledge of CN and OS  with excellent communication skills is a Must to crack This Technical  Interview.

Round 4:Managerial Round: Among 65 nearly 17 were shortlisted for the Managerial round and yes I Was selected for the same. It lasted for nearly 35 to 40 minutes, Mainly communication skills were tested in this round, and some other questions like 

  • how Would you troubleshoot Errors
  • how You are perfect for this job role
  • Why You are choosing this job role over SDE or Development 
  • Scenario Based questions 
  • common Hr Questions

To Crack this Round one should have  Excellent communication skills.

Round 5: HR: This Interview Lasted for nearly 15 to 20 Mins. He Asked Me About My family and my background and asked me about the company and Products. The interview Was so Easy and He asked me about Common HR questions Nothing more than that. We got the Result within 1 hr after the process and 13 Was Selected from our campus and I was one among them.

As this is a more customer-oriented and Non-technical Profile One should have Excellent Communication Skills.

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