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ValueLabs Interview Experience

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I am a Student of Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, VIdisha Madhya Pradesh. In October 2022, I got a chance to fill out the recruitment form for ValuLabs IT Company, one of the fast-growing MNCs with 26 offices worldwide with 7000+ employees.

They have given the condition that only 85 percent or 8.5 CGPA and above students are eligible for our first round which is the aptitude and coding Round. Following is the recruitment process:

  • Aptitude and Codding round.
  • PPT
  • First Technical Round
  • Second Technical Round
  • HR Round

Aptitude and Codding round: They had given us multiple questions in verbal, non-verbal, English, reasoning, and 1 coding question. Coding questions consist of star pattern-based questions which between easy and medium levels.

First Technical round:

  • Introduction
  • About Your Project
  • one basic Coding Question(Even or odd)

Second Technical round:

  • Introduction
  • About Your Project and demonstration with some Cross Questions
  • OOPs Concepts
  • Two Coding Question
    • How will you remove all the vowels from the sentence?
    • Take a list and return the square of all the Numbers.

The screen was shared and I have written the code in front of them.

 HR Round:

  • Introduction
  • Why ValueLabs
  • About your family

This is all about my experience and this whole is a one-day process and they have released results very soon. I totally love the whole recruitment process and by God’s grace, I got Selected for the software developer role.

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Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2022
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