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Updates in Angular 11

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  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2020
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Angular 11 is released and it has some great features, so let’s check them out:

Fonts Download Automatically: Angular import font by default. During integration, Angular CLI will download in-line fonts and connect the appliance. Angular automatically provides this with version 11. You simply got to update your app.

Harness Exploration Election: Angular v9 introduces Item equipment. Provides a strong and readable API to help with the testing of Angular Material objects. This provides developers with how to speak with Angular Material objects employing a supported API during testing.

Issued in type 11, the angular has harnesses for all items. Engineers can now design powerful test suites. For more information, please see the Angular Material Test Harnesses link document.

Login and reporting improved: The Angular developer has made changes to the builder class, reporting is more useful during development. In angular, version 11 reports and logs are easy to read.

Renewal of Language Service Review: The current Angular version of the language service is predicated on View Engine and today they provide an Ivy-based language service. Now, the language service is going to be ready to properly install common types like TypeScript integrator.

Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support: In version 11 angular developers reviewed CLI to permit HMR when launching an application with ng serve like.

ng serve --hmr

After this command the server starts and therefore the console will also report that HMR is running:

So previously if any updates happen to any code then the entire page is updated now which isn’t possible, templates and designs are going to be updated immediately without the necessity for page updates, and storing data in forms and folding will improve developer productivity.

It Builds Fast: Angular 11 brings rapid development and builds cycle by making updates to other key areas with Typecript4.0 integration is quicker and the ngcc regeneration process is now faster than 2-4x quick integration with TypeScript v4.0.

How to upgrade to Angular version 11:

ng update @ angular /cli @ angular/core

For detailed details and guidance on renewal please attend this link

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