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Unthinkable Solution Interview Experience for Jr. Associate

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  • Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2023
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There were 4 rounds in the process of Unthinkable Solution. This is a campus placement drive.

First round (Coding test): First round was the coding round on Hacker earth. There were 3 questions in the test for the period of 1 hour. The level of the question is easy to hard which means the first one is easy, the second one is medium and the last one is hard. I solved 2 questions out of 3 and was shortlisted for the next round.

Second round(Technical interview 1- F2F): I waited around 5 hours for the interview outside the cabin and then I went for an interview. Firstly interviewer asks me to introduce myself and then describe my project. After that, she started putting questions. This round was the copy pen-based.

  • What is recursion? sum first N number with the help of recursion and loop also
  • print the pyramid pattern
  • Sort an array
  • Reverse an array
  • Difference between stack and queue
  • Double ended queue
  • Linked list
  • Reverse a linked list

Then asks some questions from the database and asks to write the queries. 

  • Create a database
  • Create a table 
  • update in table
  • Implement joins in the table

This round took around 30-35 minutes. And then HR called me for the next round.

Third round(Technical interview 2- F2F): This round was for checking the logic of the candidate. In this interviewer asks me about only 2 programs

  • Write a program to find the minimum angle between the hour and the minute hand of the clock and gives some test cases and told me to find the output for those cases.
  • Write a program to calculate the value of X to the power N without using multiplication and division operations.

This round took around 20-25 minutes and then HR called me for the next round.

Fourth round(HR interview – F2F): In this round firstly she asked me to introduce myself. And then she asked me some questions.

  • Why do you want to join us?
  • Will you be able to relocate?
  • Family background
  • Why we can hire you?

After answering these questions I got an offer from HR.

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