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Understanding PEAS in Artificial Intelligence

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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We know that there are different types of agents in AI. PEAS System is used to categorize similar agents together. The PEAS system delivers the performance measure with respect to the environment, actuators, and sensors of the respective agent. Most of the highest performing agents are Rational Agents.

Rational Agent: The rational agent considers all possibilities and chooses to perform a highly efficient action. For example, it chooses the shortest path with low cost for high efficiency. PEAS stands for a Performance measure, Environment, Actuator, Sensor

  1. Performance Measure: Performance measure is the unit to define the success of an agent. Performance varies with agents based on their different precepts.
  2. Environment: Environment is the surrounding of an agent at every instant. It keeps changing with time if the agent is set in motion. There are 5 major types of environments: 
    • Fully Observable & Partially Observable
    • Episodic & Sequential
    • Static & Dynamic
    • Discrete & Continuous
    • Deterministic & Stochastic
  3. Actuator: An actuator is a part of the agent that delivers the output of action to the environment.
  4. Sensor: Sensors are the receptive parts of an agent that takes in the input for the agent.
Agent Performance Measure Environment Actuator Sensor
Hospital Management System Patient’s health, Admission process, Payment Hospital, Doctors, Patients Prescription, Diagnosis, Scan report Symptoms, Patient’s response
Automated Car Drive The comfortable trip, Safety, Maximum Distance Roads, Traffic, Vehicles Steering wheel, Accelerator, Brake, Mirror Camera, GPS, Odometer
Subject Tutoring Maximize scores, Improvement is students Classroom, Desk, Chair, Board, Staff, Students Smart displays, Corrections Eyes, Ears, Notebooks
Part-picking robot Percentage of parts in correct bins Conveyor belt with parts; bins Jointed arms and hand Camera, joint angle sensors
Satellite image analysis system Correct image categorization Downlink from orbiting satellite Display categorization of scene Color pixel arrays
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