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Understanding Internet of Robotic Things

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  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2021
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Internet Of Robotic Things :

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) stems from the Internet Protocol suite, which is based on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). With IoT, we are referring to the transmission of large amounts of data over wireless networks, literally connecting devices like refrigerators with your smart phone. It has become an important trend nowadays, as it enables smart devices to interact with each other without human intervention.

Some argue that the two terms are used interchangeably, whereas others emphasize that there is a difference between them. The main difference lies in the scope of the concepts. IoT evolves around smart objects, where robots may be included as part of its ecosystem, whereas IoRT focuses on robots which can interact with each other without human intervention.

Some points about IoRT :

  • The term “Internet of Robots” (IoRT) was coined by academics Francois-Xavier Dudek and L.D. Fauvet in their paper published at the Journal on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems in 2009.
  • It refers to a set of interconnected robots, which can react autonomously to changes in their environment, sense other robots and objects that surround them, communicate with each other without needing human intervention, and take actions accordingly.
  • It is also possible to imagine intelligent robots that can work as a team.
  • The IoRT enables robotic devices present around us to receive and share data with other IoRT devices and the user.
  • These devices can constantly read the state of the environment they are in and send the data or react to it accordingly.
  • This combination of these two powerful tech has given rise to a vital element that is going to speed up human development.

Versatility of IoRT :

Industries have started to take this one step further and have merged it with their machines to achieve higher outputs with less errors. Not only with automation but the best thing about this technology is that, it is very versatile and can be merged with artificial intelligence, Digital Twin, Distributed Ledger, VR/AR and a lot more. This increases the amount of things that can be done using IoRT.

Why to use IoRT ?

  1. When merged with Artificial Intelligence, IoRT has decision making capability, making it suitable as a standalone device that does not require much supervision.
  2. IoRT when connected with the cloud, can be used to collect data from all devices and generate a report after analyzing the data.
  3. IoRT can receive OTA(over-the-air) updates from anywhere without the need to carry the device to the manufacturer.
  4. IoRT devices can be connected and monitored from multiple devices.
  5. They can bring down the cost of industrial labour and decrease the errors.

Components inside Internet Of Robotic Things :

To understand the components and relevance of IoRT devices, we would need to look at it from a different perspective. We should not forget that IoRT is not a whole technology but a combination of IoT and robotics.

The components in Robotics are:

  1. Sense : The devices have in built sensors in them which makes them able to read the state of the environment(depending on the sensor used).
  2. Analyze : The brains of the device, processes the data and analyzes what it should do depending on the instructions set.
  3. Act : Then according to the ‘brains’ it reacts to its surrounding things.

The components in IOT:

  1. Sensor : IoT devices mostly consists of sensors that reads/writes the data.
  2. Data transfer : After the data is read from the sensor, or if it receives any instructions from the user it processes it and sends it to the user/sensor(if required).

IoRT being a combination of both has all these components in it with better integration and extensive capabilities.

Finally, IoRT is a very powerful technology that is already playing a major role in our manufacturing, healthcare, security and transport. Its uses are vast and can speed up human development to a very significant percent.  

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