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UKG Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2022
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Hi Geeks,  Through this article, I’m going to share my interview experience at UKG (ULTIMATE KRONOS GROUP). Since, the placement season is in full swing at every college, so this article may be useful for you.

The company visited our campus to offer FTE job opportunities on 5th Nov. 2021.

Job Profile :- FTE

Designation :- Software Engineer

Eligibility Criteria :- B.TECH IT, DUAL IT

CGPA Cutoff >= 7

Recruitment Process :

The whole process took 4 rounds in total and happened virtually because of an ongoing pandemic.

Each round was an eliminatory round.

Online Assessment : It was conducted on Mettl . This test had 3 sections. There were 50 questions in total and the time limit was 50 minutes only.

The three sections were verbal reasoning (10 questions) , Technical (30 questions from OOPS, C++, DBMS) and the last section was mental ability(10 questions). Speed along with good accuracy will help you to clear this round.

After the online assessment, there were 2 technical and 1 HR round.

Total 12 students were shortlisted for the interview.

1st Technical Round :

First of all, the interviewer introduced herself and asked for a quick intro about me , my interest and the projects that I had done. So I answered her accordingly. Then she went through my resume and asked me to explain any one project that I liked the most while doing it. I explained the project in detail and told every single thing used in my project.

She was impressed with my explanation. Further she asked me questions on Operating Systems (Synchronization, Semaphore, Various types of job scheduling algorithms and their practical application ), DBMS (All types of Keys and Joins). She also asked me questions from OOPS like data abstraction and encapsulation and it’s real life application and later asked me to code it too.

Then she moved to the DSA part and asked me to explain about linked lists and arrays , their advantages, then there were few cross questions (scenario based) on that.

Since, it was more than 45 minutes of discussion, so she didn’t ask me the implementation of Linked List ( ), so we discussed the implementation approach.

At the end, she asked me if I had any questions for her. Then I asked her about the company’s work culture. After that, this round ended.

2nd Technical Round (Tech + Managerial) :

I got confirmation from the placement cell that I have been moved to R2. The interviewer introduced himself first and asked me to do the same. Then He asked me where I live currently and about my family background. After that he asked me to explain the project and also asked about the challenges that I faced while doing the project.

Then he asked me about APIs and how it works and there were few questions on DBMS like 3 layers of architecture, temporary table and fixed table, trigger, truncate etc. Further, he asked me 6–7 managerial type questions like where do you see yourself in the next 5 years. what is your biggest achievement till date etc.

At the end, he asked me if I had any questions for him. After that, I asked about his experience at the company. And then this round was over.

HR Round :

After 1 hour of R2 , I got the message that I have been moved to the HR round. The interviewer introduced herself and asked about myself , from where I had completed 10th, 12th. After that she told me briefly about the company , it’s operation in the corporate sector and all.

She asked me about my hobbies, I mentioned playing cricket, then she quickly asked why didn’t you try to make a career in cricket , then I told her that I play cricket for my interest and don’t want to make a career out of it. She told me “okay that’s good”.

She concluded that that’s it about the company which I had to tell, if you want to know about anything, please ask. This time I asked her about the day to day responsibility and about her experience of work from home. That’s it. All the interviewers were really cool and supportive.

Offer :

At around 6:03 PM, the result was declared . Total 3 students were selected for FTE as a Software Engineer at UKG Inc. and I was one of them 🙂 .


  1. Be confident throughout the interview.

       2. Be clear with your points , if you don’t know the answer at all, don’t hesitate to tell the interviewer that you don’t know.

       3. When they ask you that if you have any question , then always do ask some relevant question regarding the role and the company, this                    shows your interest towards the company.

       4. You should have strong knowledge about the basic concepts of CS fundamentals and of course Data Structures & Algorithms. Apart from                this, you should have thorough knowledge about the projects that you have mentioned in your resume. Don’t mention the project about                  which you don’t have any idea, otherwise questions may be asked from that particular project and then situation may get worse for you. In              fact, it really leaves a bad impact.

       5. Last but not the least, a good communication skill is always a plus point for you.

Thanks GeeksforGeeks for providing important and useful contents. It really helped me a lot.

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