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Uber Interview Experience for SDE

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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Round 1: DSA (45mins) 
The interviewer introduced himself first and then asked about me. I told him in brief(2 mins only), and he laughed when I completed it. 
Then he shared a link to their coding platform, the question was of graphs. He gave me 3 test cases and ran the code on it. Initially the code was giving answer 2 and we both thought that the answer should be 3 but 
on dry run we found that 2 was the right answer(so don’t stop and think u r wrong dry run your code), there was redundant loops so asked me to concise the code 
So I did it, and at last he was satisfied with the solution.

Round 2:

OOPs(Low level system design 50-60 mins): 
You have to design an application that comprises multiple devices, FAN, TV etc. 
There are 4 functions that must be implemented. There were some 
generic commands like ON / OFF devices common to all and some that were device specific. The question was quite unclear, i asked a lot of questions
as he told me to write the whole code (again on their platform). I told him i would go with Interfaces and class that would implement each device but
I was facing a problem so I switched to Class and extended others from this Device class. I was continuously talking with interviewer about what I am doing,
Do you think this will work or what do you want the function to do, what type of command will be given, do we know the device and commands beforehand etc.

Round 3:

HR(45 mins) 
He asked me to introduce myself(again don’t talk for more than 2-3 mins). He was impressed with the intro a bit. Then he asked about my projects
He asked about uber, then i took him into the discussion of uber’s architecture, he went to the details of its architecture, then he asked about my MTP, then asked about 
whether i did any work in team , did i face any problem, what was the negative feedback in MTP presentation, what is my plan on the proposed architecture, How did i decided 
the architecture, how much i implemented, what would i do if my teammate is not doing work, what will i do if i have decision conflict during my work with colleague, and similar 
behavioural questions.

Verdict : Selected


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