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Typographic Designs with Photoshop Vector Tools

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Typographic design is the skill of composing a message in a way that is both readable and beautiful. The skill of designing a successful design allows the creator to invite the viewer to pause and focus on significant messages. This design element is important because it helps define the meaning and tone of the brand as well as establish hierarchy, brand awareness, and unity. It also helps establish an identity and communicate a message.

Typography is the art and science of arranging type in a way that makes it legible, identifiable and appealing when written text is presented. Choosing typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line spacing, letter spacing, and adjusting the space between letter pairs are all part of the type design. The form, design, and presentation of the letters, numerals, and symbols produced by the approach are described by the word typography itself. Let us discuss the typographic design with the help of the following examples:

Creating a Typographic design using Blending Options

Using the following steps we create a typographic design using Blending options:

Step 1: Open a background image. Select the Horizontal Type Tool.



Step 2: Using the Type tool create text as Shine Bright.



Step 3: Choose the font and set the size of the text from the options above or from the properties panel.



Step 4: With the text layer selected click on the second icon on the layers panel which shows Blending options. Then select Gradient overlay. 



The window opens with the Blending options. 



Step 5:  Click on the Gradient and then Gradient editor window opens. 



Step 6: Click on the Color option and the Color picker opens. 



Step 7: Select the color you wish to change the Location. Repeat step 6 to select any other color to get gradient colors for the text. 



Step 8: Click ok and the final image is: 



Creating a Typographic Design using the Background Image

Using the following steps we create a typographic design using a background image:

Step 1: Select File – New to open a new document. 



Step 2: Later, click Place embedded and insert the image.





Step 3: Select the Horizontal Type Tool and create text as Hello Spring.



Step 4: Place the background image layer on top of the Text layer.



Step 5: Select the Create Clipping Mask option by right-clicking on the image layer. 



You’ll see that the lettering has mirrored the background.



So this is how we can create a Typographic design. 

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Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2023
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