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Types And Effects Of Solar Storm

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  • Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2022
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The Solar Storm is a problem, or rather we can say that it is a disturbance that takes place or occurs in the sun. The solar storm occurs due to strange incidents on the sun and causes atmospheric effects that directly affect Earth’s weather. When the solar storm hits the Earth from the sun, it hits in the form of northern lights, which can be seen in the nearby areas of the Arctic circle.
The solar storms start as an enormous explosion. These vast explosions come out directly from the sun. A solar storm occurs when the sun alone bursts out and spreads an enormous amount of energy. And that energy bursts out of the sun are like a solar flare. 

Solar Flare: 

  • A solar flare is a form of light that spreads like huge lights, which seems like the northern light seen in the Arctic Circle’s nearby areas. However, when it comes out of the state, it travels millions of miles per hour in the form of plasma. 
  • They are known as Coronal Mass Ejections when they travel and come together and hit the Earth’s surface. It is also known as CMEs. It is the short version of Coronal Mass Ejections. 
  • When these Coronal Mass Ejections hit altogether with force on the Earth’s surface, it causes Geomagnetic storms which quickly and can single-handled disturb the whole Earth’s surface, including the electronic lines and the grids, and also the satellite. 

Scientists study, understand and look after the whole process of solar storms. According to those skilled scientists, the solar storm which comes out of the sun in the form of a solar flare can appear based on an 11-year cycle. In these 11 years, solar storms can occur based on every day or occur every week. The scientists have also mentioned that there are high chances or possibilities that the solar storm should happen in the way of a solar flare during the year 2024, which is just an assumption. Nothing is stated clearly. It may happen, or it may not occur.

Types of Solar Storms:

  1.  Solar Flare – It occurs when the sun suddenly bursts and exposes a massive amount of heat which comes out as a sudden flash that is very powerful. However, it is not always mandatory that the solar flare will always consist of CMEs. It may consist of sometimes but not all the time. 
  2. Coral Mass Ejection – A type of solar flash that comes from the sun in the form of light, including plasma. Along with the plasma, sometimes it also consists of the solar corona, which is accompanied by the magnetic field. 
  3. Geomagnetic storm – A type of solar storm that occurs a few times meaning it is not a permanent or a steady shower. It is a temporary storm that causes disturbances on the surface of the Earth. The Geomagnetic Storm occurs when the solar wind on the wave of a cloud magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field on the Earth’s surface.
  4. Solar Particle Events –  Also known as a solar proton event, occurs when particles emitted by the Sun are amplified either by CME shocks in interplanetary space or by flares that occur close to the Sun. 

Disadvantages of Solar Storms

  1. The particles, very high in energy, when carried on by the CMEs, cause radiation which comes out as a poisoning gas and affects humans and animals. 
  2. The Earth’s magnetic field gets disturbed when the CMEs strike the Earth’s surface. 
  3.  It has the power to dismantle a satellite and throw them directly on the face of the Earth.
  4. It is harmful to earthly technologies. and can cause a blackout.
  5. It is detrimental to the human body as it causes radiation.

Recent News Regarding Solar Storm 

  • A solar flare is causing a radio blackout over the Indian Ocean.
  • After the appearance of a solar storm, up to 40 SpaceX satellites are falling out of orbit.
  • In the latest scenario, a solar storm was witnessed in 2021; Space X was the first to observe the solar battery, which affected the loss of satellites in geomagnetic storms. 
  • According to NASA, a warning about an ‘impact’ on the near future has come up. However, the impact’s exact time and date are not predictable till now. 

We are not in a position to deny that solar storms affect the planet Earth. Because the atmosphere of the Earth works just like the human body and has a protective vaccine that stops the entry of unnecessary diseases, in the same way, the atmosphere of the Earth works as a shield that prevents radiation from space.

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