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True Geek 2021 Results

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2022
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The final results of the article writing competition for the True Geek 2021 event are here.

To check the Daily Quiz and DSA Contest Results – True Geek 2021 – Quiz and DSA Contest Score.



Article’s Writing Results

S.No. Title User Handle
1. Explain Event-Driven Programming in Node.js neeraj26pathak
2. Brick Sort Visualization harrypotter_2407
3. 7 Myths About Full Stack Development That You Must Know khairnarkalpesh
4. Find Weakly Connected Components in a Directed Graph anujanonymous
5. What is an Algorithm? Definition, Types, Complexity, Examples anubhavgoel1
6. What is Web Slide Desk in HTML5 ? iqrasarwar
7. How to write a simple Flask API for hello world? akashkumarsen4
8. SQL Statement to Remove Part of a String romy421kumari
9. What is the Self-Executing Function ? maddler
10. Data Mining and Society thabitha
11. Explain some of the PHP string functions? aijazhera2762
12. How to Install Keras on Linux? amnindersingh1414
13. Evaluate 2 tan2 45° + cos2 30° – sin2 60° pradiptamukherjee
14. XPath Evaluator in Java prakhargupta24
15. How to open a component in a new tab in ReactJS? chaudharinikita9999
16. How to redirect to another page in React JS? asmitsirohi
17. Middleware is Express.js _mukul_
18. Convert TSV to TXT in Python patildhanu4111999
19. How to Create simulated data for classification in Python? dhwani_agarwal
20. How to make null values come last when sorting ascending in SQL? romy421kumari
21. How to use Column Alias in SELECT Statement. romy421kumari
22. Find the mean (X), when ∑fi xi = 100 and ∑fi = 20 manishgoyalbsr7
23. How Can We Give the Static IP to a Docker Container ? shashwatsingh71
24. Data Science with Python : Markov’s Chain surjyaneeh
25. Byte Code in Java riyavermacs2019
26. What are the Number Methods used in ES6? sarthakdelori10
27. What is the difference between Array and Array of Objects in JavaScript? vinayn0147
28. What is Tombstone Diagram? gsub17
29. Utility of Hashing In Recent Technologies adichavan095
30. Minimum operation to convert 0 to N by multiplying by 2 or adding 1 vivekvarshney40hd
31. How can you add gradients to your project? prachbansal360
32. Probability – What are the possible outcomes when a coin is tossed? goelritik0801
33. How to load a TSV file into a Pandas DataFrame?
34. How to group and aggregate data using SQL? stylesjane18
35. MongoDB – Replication and Sharding ashutoshprakash24551
36. Explain difference between Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks in CSS gurjeetsinghvirdee
37. Class 12 CBSE – Computer Networks – Concept of Communication kcjain1970
38. Find if a valid path exist between source and destination in a N x M matrix with given 4 directions sudarshanmehta13
39. How to Install Java on MacOS? diasapra
40. How to set IE compatibility mode ? rohanpaul8000
41. Create And Deploy A Stock Price Web Application jaintarun
42. How to Send Password Protected Mail ? shubhamgupta00
43. Set Breakpoints for Debugging MATLAB Code learnprograming193
44. Sum of leaf nodes at each horizontal level in a binary tree vineetsharma36
45. Event Handling in Matplotlib user0037
46. What are the encodeURI() and decodeURI() in JavaScript ? npg
47. Mensuration – What is the formula for area of a square and rectangle? madhuriyadav
48. Find the maximum value of a string sushilsekhar300
49. How to Transfer Files using SFTP? baddrink887
50. Understanding Multi-Layer Feed Forward Networks gchandana7799
51. Activity Aliases in Android to Preserve Launchers vikasaggarwal
52. Boolean search tarakki100
53. Introduction to CUDA Programming amitverma2d
54. Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure hvbajoria
55. Swift – If-else Statement himanshugupta02
56. Why we use ASP.NET server controls in place of HTML controls. haritha4786999
57. Prove that 1/(sin θ + cos θ) + 1/(sin θ – cos θ) = 2 sin θ/(1 – 2 cos2 θ) abhijithoyur
58. Create, modify, and delete columns using dplyr package in R ashishdhyani100
59. Monty Hall Problem’s Simulation Using Pygame akhilkashyap
60. Node.js Web Application Architecture neeraj26pathak
61. Maximum length of string formed by concatenation having even frequency of each character zack_aayush
62. Equation of Tangents and Normals bhushanshashank17925
63. Swift – Arrays Properties aayushbarmecha
64. What is Cut-through Switching? saxenaanjali239
65. Java Equivalent of C++’s upper_bound() Method jainlovely450
66. Probability – What is binomial probability? saraswatgaurang
67. Count of unordered pairs of semi-prime numbers with prime sum in the range [1, N]. user_yp0w
68. How does navbar work in Bootstrap ? gangwarjacob
69. How do you connect your Node.js application to MySQL? zack_aayush
70. How to use NULL Values inside NOT IN Clause in SQL? romy421kumari
71. Inventory Management with JSON in Python ahc382000
72. Permutations and Combinations – Find the number of committees of size of 4 formed from 8 people. agvanshika130602
73. Computational Complexity v/s Chomsky Hierarchy payalb9766
74. Explain function of the md-grid class rishabhknit2002
75. How to Get the Device Information in Android? rahuldev22
76. Face detection using Cascade Classifier using OpenCV-Python sachin801
77. An Introduction to Human Augmentation amitmohanty2511
78. How to Troubleshoot SSH Connection Issues alka16
79. What Is DNS TXT Record? yadavtanya9
80. How to create crosstabs from a Dictionary in Python? utkarshrastogi9149
81. Kubernetes – Taint and Toleration Shriya Sundriyal 1
82. How to Find the Nth Largest Value With Duplicates in Excel? vibhutijain99
83. How to Download and Install JUnit in Eclipse? lekha5
84. Difference Between TCAM and CAM mariajamia1997
85. Activity Recognition in Android anju1406
86. How to Build SIP Calculator Android App using MVP Architecture? adityamshidlyali
87. Class 10 CBSE – Internet – Internet Protocols kumarankit4685
88. Application of Partial Derivative – Two variable Maxima and Minima shivamtyagi0918
89. Life Cycle of Flutter Widgets gargnaman714
90. Simplify {(2a + b)/(a – b)(a – 2 b)} – {(a + 4 b)/(a – b)(a – 3 b)} – {(a – 7 b)/(a – 2 b)(a – 3 b)} chikku425
91. Reading a Text File With SQL Server romy421kumari
92. How to use CASE in ORDER BY clause to sort records by lowest value of 2 columns in SQL? romy421kumari
93. How to Restore SQL Server Database from Backup romy421kumari
94. Deploying Spring Boot Application with MySQL Database on Azure shreyansh2511
95. Docker – Concept of Docker Images tanweerali908
96. How to remove duplicates from JavaScript Array? rohit_iiitl
97. Top 12 Most Used Git Commands for Developers mohammedhamza
98. How to Install Visual C++ on Windows? adityakvdnrfs16
99. What are Network Firewalls? khushisinha280
100. Count the iterations and replace each occurrence of K with 0 rumesh
101. strcat() in C dhanshreekulkarni21
102. CBSE Class 10 – Metals and non metals – Comparison Among the Properties of Metals and Non-Metals shivamkumar08259
103. Pharming Attack Prevention and Examples swarnkamal96
104. How to Install ReactJS on Windows? bt011singh
105. Life Cycle of Java Applet crisevangelene777
106. Feature extraction in Data Mining sangramjithazarika123
107. Preventing Directory Traversal Vulnerability ragini241032
108. DXC Technology Interview Experience for Associate Professional | On-Campus ankitjain23121999
109. Minimum operations required for every query such that there are no palindromic substrings in the given query range oldschool
110. How to Add New Disk in Linux CentOS 7 Without Rebooting shashwatsingh71
111. How to Install Flutter for Web? anaswararaghu
112. Class 11 CBSE – Computer Systems and Organisation – Encoding System muskankhoiya
113. Flutter – Adding Splash Screen in Flutter App vaibhavshukla1967
114. Artificial Intelligence | Monotonic Reasoning vs Non-Monotonic Reasoning lavleenagr7
115. Paired Sample T-Test in Excel rajeshchaudhariks503
116. Number of Longest Increasing Subsequences | Set-2 anilyogi2801
117. Basics of API Testing using Postman oj
118. How to Undo a Commit in Git ? kumarabhay712001
119. SQL Query to Compare Results With Today’s Date romy421kumari
120. How to Export SQL Server Data to a CSV File? romy421kumari
121. Class 6 CBSE – Fundamentals of Computer – Third Generation Computers yashagarwal176
122. Given two arrays, find maximum length of subarray whose sum of elements at corresponding indices in both the arrays are same kartikey134
123. Maximum sum of subarray whose first and last element are the same after removing any number of elements from the array kartikey134
124. How to Convert Char to String in Java? mroshanmishra0072
125. How to Escape Square Brackets in a LIKE Clause in SQL Server? romy421kumari
126. Abstract vs Public Access Modifier in Java mroshanmishra0072
127. How to use the IN Operator with a SubQuery in SQL? romy421kumari
128. How to Remove the Last Character from a Table in SQL? romy421kumari
129. How to use GROUP BY to COUNT the number of rows for each unique entry in a given column? romy421kumari
130. Universal Hashing ashishkumargupta054
131. SQL query to DELETE certain rows based on comparisons with other tables romy421kumari
132. Program to print multiplication table of any number in PHP garimamahawar2002
133. Kubernetes – Concept of Containers mehabhalodiya
134. Types of Phishing Attacks and How to Identify Them samughodake1808
135. How to insert an new array element in array? garimamahawar2002

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