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Top Programming Languages for Internet of Things

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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Years back, we had never imagined that the day will come when we would just stand in front of our door and it could automatically open, the lights would automatically turn on when we enter the room, the AC temperature would be automatically adjusted, we would be testing self-driving cars that can navigate traffic autonomously, real-time monitoring of patients remotely, we will walk and our watch will count steps and list continues. Yes, now all these are a reality, not our imaginations. If we wonder about how these things are made possible then IoT technology comes into the picture. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is growing faster than expected.


Day by day, everything is getting connected to the internet, That’s why today it seems like the whole world is coming closer to every human. Yes, it’s the reality and is only possible due to this emerging technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and why the future world is seeing IoT as the future technology. Today, it has been seen the technological market/industry is changing and IoT is trending. Developers and Techies from all across the world are preparing themselves with the skills needed to run in the current changing world. But you are a newbie to the Internet of Things and you may have thought about which programming language should I start learning? Then, you will get your answer below. 

Here, is the list of programming languages that are best for IoT Development:

1. Java 

Java is the most well-known and popular language among developers and it is probably the best choice for IoT developers as a programming language for its Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) principle. According to the Eclipse Foundation survey, 2018 Java is the top choice with 66.5 percent popularity. Developers can create and debug code on their computer then it can be transferred to any chip through a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). So, it can be run on any place where JVMs are used and on any other minor/smaller machines as well making it ideal for IoT software. Today Java SE Embedded is more focused on embedded development. It is one of the best choices for IoT applications. Java’s object-oriented and least hardware dependency and its’ hardware support libraries have made it one of the best choices for IoT development.

2. C

C language which is known as the mother of every programming language is still the most essential programming language for IoT development. According to the Eclipse Foundation survey, 2018 C is the Developer’s language of choice with 56.9 percent overall popularity after Java. Developers who work in the low level means with hardware and constrained RAM loves the C language most. C language is well-known for its portability and micro-controllers programming for IoT devices for computing. Less processing power-constrained RAM and more towards low level have made it a top language of choice. Now it is one of the most choices of language for the popular micro-controller Arduino.

3. Python

Python is the perfect language for data-intensive applications. For example, if there is a lot of data processing work, Python is the best to use. It is the best choice for IoT development which includes data application, data science, and analytics capabilities to the edge. Now it is the language of choice for one of the most popular microcontrollers on the market, i.e Raspberry Pi. Python is quite a simple, flexible, and uncomplicated language. Its large set of libraries and tools has made it compatible with IoT.

4. JavaScript 

JavaScript has become one of the best choices for IoT developers for IoT applications. When much focus on the gateway and edge nodes as well as on the IoT cloud applications, JavaScript is a popular choice for developers. Espruino and Tessel are two micro-controllers that use JavaScript by making it easy for JavaScript developers to work with IoT development.

5. PHPoC

PHPoC(PHP on Chip) is a programmable IoT solution for a dynamic web application. PHPoC is a programming language and IoT platform which is developed based on PHP language. The syntax is almost the same as PHP language and it inherits the core functions of PHP. Simply it is an expansion of PHP on a small chip. PHPoC Black, PHPoC Blue, and the PHPoC Arduino Shields have a PHPoC interpreter and are based on PHP. So PHPoC is a popular choice among developers for IoT development and web application development.

Finally, the choice of programming language completely depends on the developers and requirements. All of the top programming languages have their benefits and use cases. But we widely consider that for devices there are C and C++; for gateway and IoT applications, Java and python; for Cloud, Java, JavaScript, and PHP are the best choices. 

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