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Top 7 C++ Project Ideas For Beginners

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2022
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When you enter into the world of programming, C is the first step, but C++ (being fast) which is a superset of C is the most popular programming language since it is used by most companies/businesses for coding their engine. According to research, 1318 companies including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and organizations like NASA,  use C++ as the primary language for better graphics and speed.

C++ Projects For Beginners

With that being said, for being a pro at C++, you need to gain practical knowledge of it. And this practical knowledge can be gained once you’ve some amazing project ideas for C++. So, we are here with the 7 Best C++ Project Ideas that you as a beginner can add to your resume. Let’s get started:

Why C++ for Projects?

In today’s world, C++ dominates other development projects. That is the reason why companies are implementing projects using C++. Popular browsers (Google Chrome), operating systems (UNIX), and software (Microsoft) are written in C++. 

So, What is C++?

C++ is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is used to develop browsers, operating systems, etc. It is the most powerful and flexible language to work with. 

Using C++ in your projects has various benefits, such as:

  • Being easy, flexible, and scalable
  • C++ is a fast language which makes it the best choice for developing OS
  • Microsoft products like Windows, MS Office, and Visual Studio IDE are built using C++
  • It supports exception handling, and inline functions and offers a high-level abstraction
  • It has large community support

These are some of the reasons to demonstrate C++ is a perfect fit for building projects. 

Top 7 C++ Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Employee Management System

One of the best project ideas for C++ as a beginner is the employee management system. In this system, you need to build a complete application (mobile, phone) that has a dashboard describing the user’s (employee) profile, and a database that holds the record of all the data regarding users’ information. A user can edit changes in his/her profile where all the personal details are recorded. C++ has excellent libraries that can be used to perform operations. Source code allows you to add, delete, or edit the records. This system is the best C++ project that can be used in organizations to track records of the employees.  

2. Trading Software

In this technology-driven world, where even trading is performed online, trading software is the best C++ project which beginners can try. This finance management application eases the trading and analysis of financial products (stocks, currencies, options). It gives you an option to explore different stocks in which you can invest and trade and can place an order to buy or sell stock. Trading is possible with this application anywhere and traders use it to trade and view accounts. 

Zerodha, Upstox, and Groww are some of the best examples of trading software.*

3. Security Systems

To reduce the threat of theft, and increase security, different companies, or even malls, are trying out the security system. Building a Security System is the best C++ project idea that you must try as a beginner and adding it to your resume adds value to it. You can build a face detecting system using C++ OpenCV libraries which are nowadays used in organizations to mark the entry of employees and also in various firms. This C++ project can be of great help in reducing time wastage of additional manual checking. The best example of this security system is the logic built behind the biometrics placed at companies or organizations. 

Check out the course on C++ Programming Foundation – Self Paced will cover all the fundamentals of C++

4. Tic-Tac-Toe

Little fun along with coding is necessary and that’s where Tic-Tac-Toe can be built using C++. Building a game as a project using C++ can be the best and the easiest project idea for beginners. In this gaming application, an algorithm/logic is applied using two active players taking active participation. In this game, two vertical and two horizontal lines are drawn in which X and O are marked and the user/player who makes a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal manner ) using X and Os becomes the winner. You can use the socket library to make it a multiplayer game. 

5. Hospital Management System

The next C++ project for beginners can be a hospital management system where you can manage and track the records of the patients. An application that stores the details of the patients in a database. This C++ project would be of great help to the hospital authorities in managing records which saves their time and also an additional feature where the health condition or the final report of the patient’s health can be downloaded. 

6. Billing System 

Whenever you go to a supermarket and buy stuff, you can find out a system that generates a report instantly of all the items that you’ve purchased. This wonderful system can also be a good C++ project for beginners. This project will help you in clearing the concept of file handling and stream class in C++. The feature which you can add to this C++ project is editing details of the items purchased, contact details of the purchaser, and the bill report. The billing system can also be used for water/electricity bills. You can also integrate payment APIs to have hassle-free payment. 

7. GPA Calculator

If you’re a beginner/college student and looking for an amazing C++ project, GPA Calculator will be the best option. During your college days, this application will help you and your friends to calculate the GPA of the marks obtained. You can also represent this project idea to your college and this will add value to your work. This application uses mathematical algorithms to calculate the average, GPA of the marks given as input. Arrays concepts can be used where after giving inputs as marks obtained, the expected output i.e., GPA of the marks is given.


If you’re a beginner willing to build some cool and amazing projects using C++, these are some of the best projects you must try. Building projects will not only help you in getting strong at the fundamental parts but will also make you industry-ready. Do give a try at least 3-4 of the above-mentioned C++ Project Ideas.

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