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Titan Email (Directi) Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2022
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Titan visited our campus for SDE 6 months Intern + FTE on 27 August 2022 and I am going to share my interview experience.

Round 1: Online Test: 75 min: The test consists of 3 questions: (1 Medium and 2 Hard):

Giving Codechef and Codeforces live contests will help to solve the problems faster under time pressure.

Interview Rounds:

Algo Round I: 70-80 min: The round started with my introduction. He asked me about my internship experience and fields of interest.
Then he shared a doc, in which he pasted the question. I had to explain the approach and write the code as well in 60 min.

  • Question: Maximum Distance- 
    The question was hard to understand but after discussing and asking doubts, it was clear.
    After around 50 mins I got to the approach with which both of us were satisfied. The interviewer gave extra 10 mins to complete the code as well. He allowed me to write the code in any editor and then asked me to paste the code into the doc.

Algo Round II: 60 min: Starting with my introduction, the interviewer shared a doc with me and pasted the question.

  • Question: Contest Balloons- 
    After around 30 mins I got to the approach which was not exactly right at the moment, but the interviewer suggested I to start writing the code, and while writing we discussed some test cases, where the code could fail, then I corrected the code considering those test cases. Interviewers were very supportive and if you explain your thought process clearly then they will give you hints to help you get to the solution, but you have to be very attentive to catch and make use of those hints.

Final Round: 70 min: My interviewer was Sr. Manager at Titan having 10 years of backend experience.

  • First, he discussed my internship experience with me.
  • Asked me to give a brief of all the projects mentioned in my resume.
  • Some questions on MySQL vs MongoDB, which would I prefer, and what I liked to work with both of them.
  • Then he started discussing in detail one of my project on MySQL.
  • Explain all the tables including the attributes and the relationships among them.
  • Write some queries, which are used to implement particular functionality.
  • Explain indexing, and explain the type of indexes that have been used in the project.
  • Given some real-life scenarios and asked how will I handle those. Eg. If the “Comment” table has 1 million rows, then how much will I show on the front end, and based on what criteria I would select some of them?
  • Which type of indexing will help me here, also write the query.

Questions related to MySQL: 

  • How indexing works internally?
  • What are ACID properties? How they are implemented internally?
  • Why MySQL emphasizes ACID properties?

Questions related to Networking:

  • What is TCP, or UDP? Examples where they can be used.
  • Working on TCP, and UDP.
  • OSI model and different functions of all the layers.

Questions related to OS:

  • Explain process and threads.
  • What is the difference between using multiple threads and using multiple processes? Explain why multithreading is preferred when we can get our job done by allowing our work to multiple processes.

Design problem: Aarogya Setu

  • Asked me to explain the thought process for implementing the aarogya setu application.
  • What could be the tables, attributes, and their relations?
  • Discussed how the functionality of notifying the number of covid positive patients in the radius of ‘x’ km radius will be taken care of.
  • Which kind of indexing and on which attribute will help us to implement that functionality?
  • Write a query to find out the number of covid patients in an x km radius.

Overall experience was good. Was able to answer most of the questions satisfactorily.

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