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Times Internet Interview Experience | Set 4 (For Back-end Java Developer)

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  • Last Updated : 30 May, 2017


Round 1: Technical Round.

1. Introduce Yourself. Which language you are comfortable with. And what role are you looking for.
2. Given an array which is first increasing and then decreasing. Find:
a) Where is the peak index.
b) Find if a given element if present in the array.
3. Given N nuts and N bolts each of different size and also one nut can be paired with only one bolt. Create a Map to find all pairs given a nut can only be compared with a bolt or vice-versa and not among themselves.

Round 2: Technical Round.

1. WAP to find the maximum size sub-array given an array containing both positive and negative integers. Further also find the start and end index of that.
2. WAP to merge two arrays of different sizes given that each is in sorted order.
3. WAP to generate an array from a given array such that its elements follow the following condition:
B[i] = (A[1] * .. * A[i-1] ) * (A[i+1] * .. *A[n])
4. How to calculate X raised to power of N.
5. Puzzle – Hats in a dark Room
6. Puzzle – Reb and Blue Balls Replacing

Round 3: Technical Round.

1. WAP to find the minimum element from a sorted rotated array.
2. WAP to find all the triplets from a given sorted array whose sum is equal to a given number.
3. How will you find mirror of a binary tree.
4. Puzzle – A stack of coins having 10 Heads facing up and 90 Tails facing up. Divide them into two groups such that each has same no. of heads facing up.

Round 4: Online Coding.

1. Given an API which returns data in JSON format. We had to filter and sort some data based on some condition.
2. Edit Distance problem for two strings. (

Round 5: Manager Round.

1. Discussion about projects. What are the challenges faced by you. What was your role in team.
2. Why do want to join TIL.
3. Discussion about their technology and project.

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